by Willow Rose

A terrifying nail-biting horror story from the Queen of Scream Novels!

Marie-Therese is about to take in another child in foster care. But Edwina is no ordinary girl as Marie-Therese is about to discover. Stories of death and destruction follow her trail and soon events in the small Danish town will take a decidedly macabre turn on one horrifying and endless night.

EDWINA is a spinoff from the third book in Willow Rose’s Rebekka Franck Series Five, Six…Grab Your Crucifix, but can be read separately.

WARNING: Very scary and not for the faint of heart!

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Category: Suspense


The Daydreamer Detective

by Steph Gennaro

She’s got her head in the clouds and a taste for solving crime… The Daydreamer Detective is the savory starter to the Miso Cozy series of cozy mystery novels. If you like twisty plots, delectable food descriptions, and rural Japanese towns, then you’ll love Steph Gennaro’s culinary tale.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy




When fate hands tightly wound attorney and certified hot mess Katie Connell an unexpected second chance in the Caribbean, will she find herself, or will a killer find her first? This entire 15-mystery super series is on sale for 99¢ each from a USA Today bestselling author. Perfect for fans of Janet Evanovich.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Leaving Annalise

by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

A new life on the horizon. An old flame at the door. When a dead body turns up in the freezer, Katie’s island lifestyle turns stormy. This entire 15-mystery super series is on sale for 99¢ each from a USA Today bestselling author. Perfect for fans of Janet Evanovich.

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Gods, Guns, and Money On The Road To Key West

by Michael Reisig

Another outlandish adventure from best-selling author, Michael Reisig and his “Road to Key West” series. Airplane crashes, lustful Amazonians, bungled bank thefts, river pirates, remarkable animals, a crystal skull, drug lords, and an amazing “Animal Man”. Buckle up! You’re in for a ride!
(This is a “Stand Alone” novel You don’t need to have read the series to enjoy this).

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Category: Suspense



by Eldon Farrell

It takes a certain kind of evil to save this city.

Nathan works outside the law he’s sworn to uphold. A rogue detective, he rules the streets of Union City through fear and intimidation. But nothing lasts forever. “A Gritty, In-Your-Face, Futuristic Crime Novel! Captures your attention from the very first line.”

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


Innocent in Las Vegas

by AR Winters

A cupcakes-and-crime caper!
When cupcake-loving croupier Tiffany Black investigates the death of a casino owner, she finds herself uncovering a web of deceit – secretive suspects, corrupt casino henchmen and a bodyguard with a mysterious past. Over 3500 rave reviews – click here to learn why readers love this mystery!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Without Intention

by E. N. Crane

If you could stop something bad from happening, would you? Bridgette Ampersand has always been special. Her unique ability helped her save the life of her new best friend, a dog named Fawkes. Fawkes gets Bridgette to adulthood where she is confronted with the reality of what it means to save a life. And what it means to know when it will end. Grudgingly reunited with her best friend from Junior High, Sacramento Detective Caleb Beacher, Bridgette finds herself caught up in a series of abductions, murders, and a race to save everyone she loves.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Without Direction

by E. N. Crane

Bridgette Ampersand has lost her best friend. Without him to keep her grounded, she’s given up her home, her friends, and her connection to the world.

After watching so many people fall victim to predators, Bridgette is now working to make the Internet a safer place for women. Getting herself beaten up and abducted, to the horror of her family and friends.

Now she’s fighting for survival as ghosts from her past follow her into the darkness that has consumed her.

The darkness she might give into, just to escape the pain of loss.

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