by Brooke Linford

When Amanda finds herself being stalked by a creep in a suit she’s forced to flee the city with Lucas, a man her friends think is perfect for her. But it quickly becomes clear that demons from both their pasts will haunt them no matter how fast they run.

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Category: Suspense

The Aquarius Prophecy

by Evan Hirst

An ancient prophecy. A terrifying threat. A dangerous secret about to unleash its fury.

When an explosion in the Great Pyramid of Gizah kills a group of tourists during a late-night ceremony, the sole survivor, Isa Floris, a photographer, stumbles upon a thirty-year-old plot to control the greatest prize of all – psychic power.

From Cairo to Paris and London, across the mountains of Colorado to the dusty playa of the Black Rock Desert, hunter and hunted, Isa races through the nether worlds of deep black ops and psychic power in a desperate bid to prevent the terrifying vision of catastrophic disaster that she had in the pyramid from occurring… only to discover that the secret lies in an ancient prophecy and that she is the key to everything.

The Aquarius Prophecy is a suspenseful page-turning action thriller where 21st century science and ancient supernatural powers meet head on.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

Broken House

by Tom Turner

Cam Crawford, brother of Palm Beach homicide cop Charlie Crawford, just checked himself into a ritzy rehab facility in Connecticut. Admitted the same day were a drunk, an addict, and a psychopath.

With little in common except deep psychic scars are Avril, a drugged-out actress, Rachel, a 18-year old self-destructive wild child, and haunted, pretty boy, Cam, just trying to piece together their tormented lives.

All they want is to learn how to cope, find peace of mind, make a few friends…but better watch out, because there are a few twisted people inside the ivy covered walls of Clairmount. And not everyone’s going to make it home.

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Crime Fiction

Lies on the Riverwalk

by Eileen Cruz Coleman

When Jenna’s husband dies in a car accident, her perfect life in Southport, North Carolina is shattered.

Alone, financially broke and depressed, she decides to move back home to the small riverside town of Solomon’s Island, Maryland where she meets Elliot, a bar owner.

Slowly, she begins to rebuild her life but just when she thinks she has found happiness again, her dead husband shows up very much alive and threatening to destroy her life if she doesn’t complete a series of mysterious tasks.

Everything Jenna thought she knew about her husband was a lie and she now finds herself not only fighting for her life but also for Elliot’s.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Suspense

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