The Grifter’s Daughter Vol 1-6

by Duane Lindsay

Dani Silver may be the second-best living con artist, but this wily, supremely likable heroine is bound to be No. 1 in the hearts of heist and caper fans. Trained by the best–her mentor and father, Leroy “Pops” Amadeus Logan, master of the long con, acknowledged among grifters as the best living con artist–Dani’s striking out on her own.

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Category: Mystery – Series

Marc Kadella Legal Mysteries Vol 1-6 (A Marc Kadella Legal Mystery Book 16)

by Dennis Carstens

No-nonsense, world-weary Minneapolis lawyer Marc Kadella shines through gritty, street-wise narrative in Dennis Carstens’ action-packed legal thriller series, sure to please fans of courtroom drama and classic noir alike. And there’s a contemporary angle that will delight readers of both sexes—the toughest guy in the series is gorgeous investigator Maddy Rivers.

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Category: Thrillers – Legal

All Lies

by Andrew Cunningham

A seemingly innocent date gone tragically wrong plunges Del Honeycutt into a web of murder, lies, greed, and a hidden fortune dating back to a crime committed 85 years earlier by his great-grandfather.

“Don’t miss this one. You’ll find mystery, suspense, adventure, and even romance.” — Mystery Suspense Reviews

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Category: Mystery – Series