Collecting Can Be Murder

by Jennifer S. Alderson

Art sleuth Carmen De Luca comes out of retirement to help her former partner track down a stolen book. But after their suspect is killed and Carmen is accused of murder, she’ll have to crack the case in order to clear her name!

Will she succeed? Find out in this light-hearted amateur sleuth mystery filled with adventure, intrigue, and humor.

“What a great debut for this series! The mystery was like a classic closed-room mystery. I had a great time trying to fit the clues together right along with Carmen.”~Escape with Dollycas into a Good Book

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


by Andrew Diamond

After four years on the straight and narrow, Russell Fitzpatrick has a boring job, the wrong woman, and an itch for something more. All he needs to get his life going again is a nudge in the wrong direction.

When he receives a cryptic email from a legendary and slightly deranged fellow hacker–his old friend, Charlie, whom he knows to be dead–he tries to tell himself it’s none of his concern. But the guy who stalks him across town at night, the two thugs waiting in the alley, and a ruthless FBI agent let him know his days are numbered if he doesn’t turn over the money Charlie stole.

The problem is, Russ doesn’t have it. As his enemies close in from all sides, Russ slowly unwinds the mystery of his old friend’s paranoid mind and finds that Charlie left behind something worth much more than the money. And no one but him is onto it…

A fast-paced page-turner full of suspense, Impala has won numerous awards, including the Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal for mystery and a best of the year nod from IndieReader.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

Never Say Spy series boxed set Books 1 – 5

by Diane Henders

Thrillers with humor and heart! The Never Say Spy series features Aydan Kelly, a kick-ass middle-aged bookkeeper who is forced into living the life of a secret agent. This boxed set includes the first 5 full-length novels in the series.:
Book 1: Aydan is accused of being a spy by the Canadian government, but dangerous spies are hunting her, too.
Book 2: Aydan reluctantly agrees to go undercover for the government’s Department of Clandestine Operations.
Book 3: Aydan is forced to accept a job as an analyst with the Department.
Book 4: Aydan goes rogue when she discovers the Department killed her husband.
Book 5: Aydan pretends to be an experienced agent to protect her lover.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

A Call from Hell: The True Story of Larry Gene Bell a Small-Town Monster and the Crime that Shook the Nation

by Genoveva Ortiz

Murder, kidnapping—in this community, it was the kind of stuff that only happened in movies.

No one could have thought it would happen to one of their own.

Uncover the origins of this local monster as we peel back the layers of his past. Discover the complexities of his twisted personality that led to national attention.

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Category: Suspense

Lost Fleet

by Chris Niles

A shocking secret lies at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea.

When her journalism mentor is killed in a horrific plane crash, Kate Kingsbury travels to New York to lay him to rest. There, she discovers his quest to prove a Chinese fleet arrived in the Caribbean nearly a hundred years before the Europeans. As she follows his leads, she meets the charming Brian Yim, whose uncle — a powerful Chinese oil magnate — is searching for the fleet, too.

Is Brian seeking truth, or is he a mole for his uncle? And will Kate live long enough to find out?

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Category: Thrillers – Historical