by David B. Lyons

Could you hold your nerve to steal eight million euro in order to save your partner’s life?

That’s the dilemma facing Vincent Butler – a well-respected bank manager in Dublin’s city centre.

Both he and his boyfriend of 10 years, Ryan Harkness, assume they are waking up to a regular working day when their alarm beeps at seven a.m. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Within minutes, Ryan’s life is at stake after wannabe gangster Darragh Galligan forces his way into their plush apartment. He informs them he will be holding Ryan at gunpoint while Vincent is tasked with carrying out a record-breaking heist.

Vincent must visit the vaults of each of the four bank branches he manages to steal eight million euros. If he doesn’t follow orders, Ryan will be killed.

He doesn’t have long.

He only has until Midday.

And the clock is ticking…

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


by Mark Mannock

Nicholas Sharp is a killer musician… literally!
Shunning the military system that led him to shoot an innocent man, the former sniper turned musician embarks on a USO tour of Iraq. Suddenly a friend and her daughter disappear.
In a deadly game of cat and mouse across three continents, Sharp faces a brutal choice. Kill or be killed.
Somewhere between Lee Child’s Jack Reacher and Robert Crais’ Elvis Cole, Nicholas Sharp may be a flawed hero, but you sure as hell want him on your side.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

North Korea Deception

by Richard Lyntton

Can a reporter who hates corruption…

…stay true to himself when lives are on the line?

Is he being setup?

Jack survived the first Gulf War, Bosnia, and his time as a UN Peacekeeper. As a captain and tank commander, he saw the dark side of war. Skilled in language, he speaks Russian, German, French, and Bosnian. That’s why they sent him.

Two UN Officials had gone missing.

They were last seen in the Tumen Triangle.

A 324-mile river that borders Russia, China, and North Korea, it’s a place few westerners have heard of or understand. It would be a prize-winning story if he could crack it. Sometimes fate puts a person where they need to be and then he saw the child fall beneath the ice.

When Steele rescued the boy, it was the first domino to fall.

Would it lead to North Korea launching a nuclear missile?

You’ll love this adrenaline rush of an international thriller because it has twists, turns, an impossible romance, and one difficult choice. How does the puzzle fit together?

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Category: Thrillers – Political

Won’t You Come Save Me

by F.R. Jameson

A murdered actress. A vicious gangster. A tortured detective with a buried secret. And something terrifying lingering in the London air. Read this superb new supernatural thriller today and enter the world of ghostly shadows…

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Category: Suspense

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