by Willow Rose

A terrifying nail-biting horror story from the Queen of Plot Twists!

Marie-Therese is about to take in another child in foster care. But Edwina is no ordinary girl as Marie-Therese is about to discover. Stories of death and destruction follow her trail and soon events in the small Danish town will take a decidedly macabre turn on one horrifying and endless night.

EDWINA is a spinoff from the third book in Willow Rose’s Rebekka Franck Series Five, Six…Grab Your Crucifix, but can be read separately.

WARNING: Very scary and not for the faint of heart!

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Category: Suspense


Hard-Boiled Dudes

by Dick Cluster, Julie Smith, Tony Dunbar, Shelly Singer, Rob Swigart

A muscular anthology of best-selling mysteries, Hard-Boiled Dudes showcases gritty, edgy, unexpected sleuths. Whether amateur or pro, these dudes come out swinging. These five action-packed thrillers by award-winning authors are guaranteed to chill and thrill!

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled


Already Dead

by Jaye Ford

What would you do if a stranger got in your car and pointed a gun at you?
Journalist Miranda Jack is attempting to move on from the death of her husband by relocating up the coast with her young daughter. As she waits at traffic lights, her car packed with boxes, a man gets into the passenger seat and points a gun at her.
Forced to drive a high speed up the motorway, Miranda listens to the frantic, paranoid rants of Brendan Walsh, who claims he’s in danger and they’re now both running for their lives.
Two hours later her ordeal comes to its shocking end. Miranda is finally safe but she can’t simply walk away – not without knowing the truth about that terrifying drive.
As a journalist Miranda has always asked questions. But this time the questions are dangerous – and the answers might get her killed.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


The Jeri Howard Anthology: Books 6-9 (The Jeri Howard Anthology Series Book 2)

by Janet Dawson

As savvy as Sam Spade, with a bit of Spade’s seen-it-all outlook, P.I. Jeri Howard handles the daily bread and butter without breaking a sweat, and she’s got the street smarts to handle bad guys, always managing to land a well-deserved punch.

$0.00 Previously $7.99

Category: Mystery – Private Investigators


Betts & Walker Books 1-2

by Jonathan Macpherson

Two pulse-pounding thrillers in one.
“Truly inventive, very compelling, original and exciting”–David Caesar, Director of hit TV series Underbelly

Prior Violations & Brazen Violations

A crew of ruthless criminals.
A cop hell-bent on taking them down.
A desperate young man on a mission to save a dying nephew.
When their worlds collide, the result is a pulse-pounding tale that will keep you on edge till the breathtaking conclusion.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Call of The Mandrake

by F.R. Jameson

The women of Beddnic are hiding a dreadful secret!
Two investigators of the paranormal arrive in a Welsh coastal village to find out why it’s cut itself off from the outside world. Why, when people come near, do they wave guns in the intruder’s faces?
What they find is a place ravaged by grief and misery. And an entity which has already claimed a substantial number of the town’s men.
An awful truth is about to revealed, and at night its sons climb off the ocean floor…
An unmissable supernatural thriller you won’t want to put down.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies


Diaries in Time

by Susan Reiss

Love, jealousy, resentment…emotions that last through time. Emma learns that decisions can haunt someone like a ghost. Her curiosity puts her in the center of a threatening storm when she uncovers family secrets long buried. They ignite red-hot emotions that pit sister against sister, wife against husband, past against present. Can choices—made then and now—lead to murder?

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Category: Mystery – Historical


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