The Traveling Man

by Michael P. King

The Travelers…husband and wife con artists who specialize in stealing from other criminals. If you like fast-paced action, unexpected plot twists, and criminal intrigue, then you’ll love The Traveling Man, the first book in this series of suspenseful crime thrillers.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Murder So Wrong

by Ted Clifton and Stanley Nelson

Fresh out of journalism school, Tommy Jacks begins his career as a newspaper reporter in the 1960s, finding intrigue, love, tragedy and maybe, himself. His dad was a famous Oklahoma politico, serving time in state prison on trumped-up charges. On the trail of a competing reporter’s killer, Tommy collects an interesting entourage of fools and geniuses. Tommy Jacks: Muckraker.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

Prestige, Privilege & Murder

by Christa Nardi

Stacie Maroni Noth is a Human Resource Specialist and Trauma Counselor. When her estranged husband is murdered, she is quickly identified as the main suspect by police and her prominent in-laws. In her quest to prove her innocence, Stacie discovers she’s not the only one with a motive for murder. She discovers many secrets behind the idyllic facade of the rich and privileged. Money isn’t worth killing for or is it?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Gia Santella Crime Thriller Boxed Set: Books 1-6

by Kristi Belcamino

She lives life fast, hard, and deadly …

Do you love fierce women, dark mysteries and riveting suspense? You’ll love the Gia Santella Crime Thrillers. This volume contains the first six books in the bestselling series.

Meet Gia. Fearless. Loyal as the day is long. A true hedonist. Thirsty for justice at all costs. Sexy is her middle name.

But she also has the biggest heart around and would give her life to save someone more vulnerable than she is. Armed with an enormous inheritance, she would selflessly give everything to help someone who was down-and-out.

When we first meet Gia in City of the Dead, she copes with her parents’ death by drinking, spending, and kicking ass when it’s necessary. After an unexpected letter reveals that her loved ones’ tragedy was murder, Gia changes her focus to revenge. Vowing to find the one responsible, the grieving daughter must stay one step ahead of a ruthless plot to end her family line. To avoid yet another family death, Gia has a bloody choice to make: kill or be killed.

By book six, Taste of Vengeance, Gia is coming to her own and has set a course for her life to see justice for those who are unable to do so themselves. She is increasingly looked at as a person who people turn to for help. And she is stepping up to the plate and making her life mission to stop evil people from preying on the vulnerable.

If you like take-charge heroines, edge-of-your-seat suspense, and gritty dramas, then you’ll love Kristi Belcamino’s tales of revenge.

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