by Judith A. Barrett

Donut Lady sifts through clues…the serial killer fears exposure.
Karen O’Brien moves to her hometown in southern Georgia and buys a charming, old-fashioned donut shop, complete with the owner’s dog, cat, and secret recipes. Her struggle to adapt to civilian life after prison in her new life as the Donut Lady becomes even more complicated when the boy no one cares about except her suddenly disappears from his sketchy living conditions. While Donut Lady searches for the missing boy and pursues clues to solve a prison murder, the killer stalks her.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


The Paul Mcdonald Mystery Series Vol. 1-2: With Bonus Short Story!

by J. Paul Drew

Wise-cracking ex-journalist Paul Mcdonald’s main confidant is a cat named Spot; his best friend’s a burglar who’s trying to quit; his relationship status is commitment-phobic … what makes this Great American Novelist-in-waiting think adding “P.I.” to his resume is a good idea? Well, his boss was just poisoned in Paul’s living room right in front of him!

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators


The Vanished Child

by M J LEE

“A heartbreaking yet heartwarming story.”

What would you do if you discovered you had a brother you never knew existed?
On her deathbed, Freda Duckworth confesses to giving birth to an illegitimate child in 1944 and temporarily placing him in a children’s home. She returned later but he had vanished.
What happened to the child? Why did he disappear? Where did he go?
Jayne Sinclair, genealogical investigator, is faced with lies and family secrets as she attempts to uncover the truth.
Can she find the vanished child?

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Category: Mystery – Series


The Devil Himself

by Steven Duggan

“Take care, brother. What you did was worthy of a demon. But I am the Devil himself.”

Jack Finch has returned. A pariah. A murderer. He has lost his wife, his daughter, his home. But he has new skills now. And before the week is out he will revenge himself on the man who framed him and took his place in his bed. The man who he calls brother.

‘More twists and turns than a trip to Ikea!’
“A great page-turner with a fabulous antihero you end up rooting for!”

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


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