Southern Ghost Hunter Series: 5th Anniversary Special Edition: Stories 1-3

by Angie Fox

New York Times bestseller Angie Fox celebrates 5 years of the Southern Ghost Hunter series with a limited edition boxed set of the first three stories in the series, along with never-before-seen additional content, including deleted scenes, original art, an inside look at the characters, and a behind-the-scenes peek at how the series came together.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


The Greatest Good

by Craig N. Hooper

“A pulse-pounding thriller with endless twists and turns.”

Assigned to protect the California governor’s son, former operative-turned-federal agent Garrison Chase gets more than he bargained for when his house is nearly blown up and a mysterious gunman makes an attempt on the boy’s life. A thrilling, murder-for-hire conspiracy.

THE GREATEST GOOD is the action-packed first novel in the explosive Garrison Chase thriller series.

If you like dogged heroes, shocking twists, and heated battles for justice, read this electrifying tale today!

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies


Pier Pressure

by Wendy Neugent

Travel along with Olivia and Chico on their killer cruise.

Olivia, and her personality plus parrot Chico, are just finding their sea legs with their new show when Olivia learns they are going to lose half of their props. Panic sets in as she tries to figure out how to make their show work and not get kicked off the ship.

Olivia isn’t the only one struggling. Accidents plague the production show cast. Olivia is trying to help her peers get back on their feet when tragedy strikes.

Will this be Olivia and Chico’s last cruise?

If you love clean cozy mysteries filled with adventure, tropical locations, and an adorable talking parrot, this book is for you.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


The Florida Panhandle Mystery Series

by Michaela Thompson

The 1950s fairly leap off the page in this classic cozy mystery set in northern Florida in the Eisenhower era, complete with Johnny Ray on the jukebox and a Womanless Wedding—this one interrupted by an explosion at a moonshine still.
What happens in Florida could only happen in St. Elmo. This box set is made up of traditional mysteries.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths



by Max Monroe

Welcome to Cold, Montana, where the town is smaller than a shoebox and their biggest claim to fame is a serial killer.

It’s a case that ended in a tragic set of events, and one the town would rather forget.

But no one can turn tragedy sexy like Hollywood, and whether Levi Fox, one of investigators on the real case, likes it or not, the dazzle of ready, set, action is coming to Cold.

Worse than that? His Captain agreed to make him the lead liaison for any and all information about his former partner Grace Murphy.

But Hollywood doesn’t know all of the details of the real case, and Levi Fox vows to take them to the grave.

Only he and the killer know the truth.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Civil Terror: Gridlock

by J. Luke Bennecke

What if the technology behind self-driving cars became a terrorist threat?

Civil engineer Jake Bendel and a team of experts have designed and implemented a roadway system for self-driving cars, negating thousands of traffic-related deaths each year and reducing commute times to minutes instead of hours. However, disaster strikes when a supposed glitch causes a deadly attack on a busy California freeway, and the FBI begins connecting dots to a larger terrorist conspiracy at play. Jake and a rogue FBI agent must race against the clock to stop a potentially fatal national attack that could claim the lives of millions of Americans in a matter of seconds.

A gripping tale from the first page to the last, this fast-paced thriller from a real-life traffic engineer will make you think twice about the looming autonomous vehicle revolution.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


True Confections

by Ruth Hartzler

First fun cozy mystery in this USA Today Bestselling series.
When her husband of thirty years runs off with a college student named Cherri, Jane Delight returns to Pennsylvania to work in her Amish sister’s cupcake store. Having lost everything in the divorce, Jane now finds herself sharing an apartment with two feisty octogenarians and their quirky cat, Mr. Crumbles.
But there is no time to despair. A man is murdered in the cupcake store, and now Jane is the prime suspect. Enter brooding detective Damon McCloud, a Scot with a tragic past and a desire for justice.
Can Jane solve the murder, wrangle her new roommates, and stop herself from falling for the detective?
Or will she never get her new life on track?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy