The House that Jack Built

by Willow Rose

From a bestselling author comes this spine-chilling mystery!

Scott Kingston is afraid of monsters. He thinks they’re lurking outside his bedroom window at night when his mother tucks him in. He asks his mother to keep the light on to scare the monsters away. But that light is exactly what lures the kidnapper to his window and the next morning, Scott Kingston is gone.

Twenty-eight years later, Vernon Johnson is released from jail after spending the biggest part of his life on death row, convicted of having kidnapped and killed Scott Kingston. As so many times before, he has appealed his case, but this time, the judge decides to let him go. A witness has finally told the truth, and there is no longer sufficient evidence to keep him in jail.

But shortly after Vernon Johnson is released and has returned to his childhood town, another child disappears, and soon all eyes are on him again.

Jack Ryder is getting ready to build the house of his dreams while hoping that Shannon won’t end up in jail for the murder her ex-husband committed. She is expecting their child and the pregnancy, along with the worrying, takes a toll on the both of them, especially when a dark secret is revealed about the lot where they are preparing to build their house.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled


Death on Clare Island: A Star O’Brien Mystery: A County Mayo Mystery (Star O’Brien Mystery Series Book 1)

by Martha Geaney

Star O’Brien has journeyed to ruggedly beautiful Clare Island, in County Mayo, Ireland, for two reasons. One is to settle the estate of her recently deceased lover. The other is to tackle the mystery of her own existence.

The police say it’s a closed case. A young drug addict wandered too close to Clare Island’s famously treacherous cliffs. But Star doesn’t believe the stories she’s hearing about the young man, just as she didn’t believe it when those same police dismissed her mother’s disappearance as “abandonment” when Star was only six years old.

Can Star face up to her own past and uncover a killer before she becomes the next victim?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Death at Ashford Castle: A Star O’Brien Mystery: A County Mayo Mystery (Star O’Brien Mystery Series Book 2)

by Martha Geaney

Star O’Brien is back in County Mayo, Ireland, hot on the trail of new clues to her mother’s long-ago disappearance.

This time Star’s splitting her time between the market town of Castlebar, and the island village of Cong, home to the medieval castle turned luxury hotel, Ashford Castle. But Star never expected a quiet walk in Cong Woods would lead to the discovery of a dead woman. The death was no accident. Why would anyone have wanted to murder her? Does the dog Star rescues have anything to do with the murder victim?

Complications deepen as Star works to untangle tales of ghost sightings, a rash of mysterious break-ins, and creepy encounters. When yet another body is discovered, Star is more determined than ever to find the truth. But when the murderer’s sights turn to Star, will she survive a confrontation with a killer?

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Witches Of Brimstone Bay Cozy Mysteries: Books 1-3

by R.K. Dreaming

3 fabulous cozy mysteries for 99c! Solving crime one ghost at a time.

Disaster strikes and witch Esme Westbrim flees in the dead of night to her magical hometown of Brimstone Bay with a terrible secret. An old castle is a perfect hide-out for a desperate witch seeking a charm to get her out of harm’s way, until a dead body turns up on her doorstep.

Things get worse when handsome investigating Agent Chris Constantine puts Esme on his suspect’s list. Esme must put her amateur sleuthing skills to the test and prove her innocence before Agent Constantine takes too close a look at her — because Esme has a secret worse than murder.

Juggling life and death turns into magical mayhem when a moody psychic cat, a busybody ghost, and Esme’s wild witch cousins burst in on her life. Will they help her catch the killer, or will they run for cover when they find out what Esme is hiding? Read it today!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


The Priest of Santa Maria

by Alexandra Kleanthous

Fresh out of the seminary, Christiano is obliged to act as the temporary minister of a small-town Italian convent. There he meets the captivating Angelica, who holds a secret that could have catastrophic consequences for the Church. Sparks ignite between them, but the abbess intervenes, demanding Christiano leave the convent before she reports his conduct to the Monsignor. Little do they know his timely arrival is about to clash with Angelica’s dangerous past. Forced to flee the abbey, destiny throws them together on a journey they cannot refuse. Pursued by a malevolent alliance intent on capturing Angelica, dead or alive, they face insurmountable danger as they race across Italy to keep her and the secret safe.
If you like fast-paced action and a gripping tale, you’ll love this original and exciting debut novel filled with page-turning suspense, plus romance thrown in for good measure.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

The Alpha and the Omega

by Alexandra Kleanthous

Jerusalem, 12th Century AD. An ancient scroll is discovered by the Knights Templar, prophesying the birth of a female Messiah at the start of the following millennium. This has ominous implications for the church and those with a vested interest, who create a secret, hidden Order to thwart this future threat.
Rome, present day. The Messiah, Salvatrice, is four years old, and the Order is hell-bent on her capture. With the world’s faithful duped into believing the Antichrist resides within the Italian capital, The Eternal City has become an extremely perilous place in which to hide the child.
As the girls of Rome have their lives upturned, and billions look on in fear, can a band of loyal supporters keep mankind’s true salvation safe?
A tense, twisting story spanning cities and centuries, The Alpha and the Omega is the second installment in the thriller trilogy.

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Trophy Kill

by R.J. Norgard

Private investigator Sidney Reed hasn’t been the same since the tragic death of his wife, Molly. Sharing a rundown apartment above an Anchorage, Alaska coffee shop with a cat named Priscilla, he dulls his bitter memories with cheap beer and sarcasm. When he’s offered a bundle of cash for a simple surveillance job, Sidney sees a chance to finally put the broken pieces of his life back together. But once the job turns deadly, he’ll have to sort through a mountain of clues to solve this case – and confront his own demons in the process.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators


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