Man-Eater: The Terrifying True Story of Cannibal Killer Katherine Knight

by Ryan Green

On 29th February 2000, John Price took out a restraining order against his girlfriend, Katherine Knight. Later that day, he told his co-workers that she had stabbed him and if he were ever to go missing, it was because Knight had killed him.

The next day, Price didn’t show up for work.

A co-worker was sent to check on him. They found a bloody handprint by the front door and they immediately contacted the police. The local police force was not prepared for the chilling scene they were about to encounter.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


The Seventh Guard: Destiny Expires

by Francis Halpin

At home he conducts bizarre experiments, many at the expense of his customers and his few friends. He believes they will eventually lead to something extraordinary, a real discovery that will give his life meaning and purpose—something that will show the world how smart he really is . . . but what he eventually finds could end his life.

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Category: Suspense


Humpty Bumpkin

by Sam Cheever

She’s just a country girl who loves her dog. But her life is about to get less countrified and more…erm…homicide.

Deer Hollow is a small community built in a verdant, rolling countryside. The nearest big city is over an hour away and big city ways are rejected at the Hollow. Unfortunately, the big city isn’t the only place where bad things can happen.

Things like murder…which has a funny way of messin’ up a debutante’s day and turning a sunny Sunday in June right over onto its bucolic head.

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Matador: Barrett Mason Book 1

by Stewart Matthews

Barrett Mason’s mission was simple: help an Iranian biochemist defect. Extract him to the States then learn the darkest secrets of the Ayatollah’s weapons programs. Iran’s deadliest spies would try to kill them along the way, but Barrett never shied away from a fight.

Everything was going fine until Barrett was caught in a spy’s worst nightmare: his own side decided he was more trouble than he was worth.

Trapped between two sides full of expertly trained, cold-blooded killers means standing his ground is suicide. And running will only get him so far. But Barrett Mason never lays down. Not when failure means unleashing the deadliest weapons known to man. He’ll fight to get his revenge, or he’ll die trying.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

Tyrant: Barrett Mason Book 2

by Stewart Matthews

Barrett Mason is out of the violent, treacherous world of spying. Reunited with his estranged ex-wife, and raising an adopted daughter, there’s nothing he wants more than to live quietly in Bethesda, working as a private investigator.

But danger always finds him. Before long, Barrett has a cache of research from a chilling Cold War psychological experiment, detailing torture and forced injection of mind-altering drugs on American citizens. Even worse, there’s strong reason to believe the experiment isn’t over.

And now he’s a target. When his house is ransacked and his family is threatened, Barrett goes on the warpath, hunting for a renegade congressman who has been selling deadly state secrets.

Finding him means Barrett’s family is safe, and the most terrifying weapons birthed by the Cold War remain buried. But if he fails, a new power will rise and plunge the world into war.

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Magical Legacy

by Pamela M. Richter

Can supernatural ability be passed on to a new generation?
Michelle was gifted magical talents from an ancient witch relative who was hanged in Salem long ago. Omar has dark magic, as a Necromancer and Warlock—perhaps a Demon. What happens to their progeny?
A fight between good and evil magic is brewing. Two opposing sides of the supernatural will affect three innocent little children. Their lives hang in the balance when Omar tries to claim them, abducting them from the only mother they know. He wants to teach them about dark, evil sorcery.
Michelle endeavors to save the children from the darkness and danger swirling about them. It’s a fight between good and evil for all involved. Especially for Michelle, tempted by the easy, wicked, dark magic, which could change her forever. She is a natural born witch with healing abilities and the power of precognition. She was deemed a White Witch, but the black powers are enticing her.
There is a choice to be made. One leads to greedy temptations and malevolent acts. The harder choice is to remain honorable, using the special paranormal powers only for kindness, healing, and generosity.
Opposites, as in yin and yang, are clashing for control of a beautiful witch and three little children with extraordinary powers.
Witch—er which—will win?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


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