Finding Harmony

by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Katie Connell is happily married and living the island life on St. Marcos. Just when she thinks life is settling down with her dream man and their gorgeous children, they learn a stranger died at the front gate of their jumbie house. After the victim’s well-connected employer hires Katie and Nick to investigate, they discover a horrifying secret about the place they call home.

Before Katie can process the information, her husband doesn’t return home one night. As if that weren’t enough, the uncooperative police chief counters Katie’s plea for help with a threat to seize their home out from under her. Can Katie track down her husband alone before his trail goes cold, or will powerful forces at work send her to an early grave?

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Category: Mystery – Series

Pretty Corpse

by Linda Berry

A sexual predator with a death fetish is terrorizing San Francisco. A cunning female cop is determined to take him down. As she gets closer, the predator takes notice. Can she succeed before she, or her daughter, become his next victim?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Don’t Leave Me Alone

by Kyla Sharp

Leah’s husband has secrets. But so does she.

Leah and her husband Ben move to a gorgeous timber cottage in the hills, convinced a change of scenery can fix their marriage. She’ll finally get pregnant. He’ll remain faithful.

But Ben is called back to the city for work.

Leah is devastated, and all alone in a big, old cabin in the middle of nowhere. Then she starts hearing things at night.

Her fears are founded when she finds a threatening note, convinced it’s targeted at her. But she needs to prove to Ben that she’s grounded enough to be a mother, so she keeps her fears a secret.

Leah must figure out who’s taunting her. Alone.

Leah discovers her husband had more secrets than she thought. But also that she can’t keep her own secrets hidden forever, either.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Her Untamed Soul

by Mandira Mazumder

Latha has a criminal-minded father who believes in keeping his family and community under control. He raises his son in his image.
He is politically connected and, to him, the world is a chess-board that can bring immense power & wealth if played skillfully.
Only his stubborn, educated daughter, Latha, dares to disobey his dictate. She rises beyond his calculation. So, he feels the need to clip her wings. He unleashes his ruthless side, breaking her heart.
Yet human heart can break but not the “Soul.” So, Latha’s untamed soul turns into her invincible strength. She asserts her Freedom.
Her college romance with Kiyash deepens into an inseparable bond that no family conspiracy or social threat can break. She rises above the “love rules” for the girl child and angers her class-conscious family and community.
Revenge turns atrocious and ugly. Latha and Kiyash fight back fiercely.
An act of ghastly crime prevails.
The conspirators burn down Latha’s life. But she rises from her ashes.
A life journey of a phenomenal woman struggling through love, violence, blood & ashes to her freedom. Will Latha ever find Empowerment? Will Crime & insane persecution defeat her life purpose?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

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