Sting of the Scorpion

by Lawrence Hebb

The Army doesn’t want them, they’re too much trouble!
MI6 does, they’re the best at what they do, and they need the best.
MI6 have a problem.

A missing agent, kidnapped and taken to hostile territory for interrogation.
Only one option is open, and that’s a high-risk rescue operation over two hundred miles into hostile territory with no support.

A ‘do or die mission’ where the stakes are high and failure isn’t an option.

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Category: Thrillers – Military

Scorpion’s Reach

by Lawrence Hebb

All they wanted was a bit of peace and quiet.

What they got was drug dealers and carnage!

A freak accident on a deserted road in New Zealand causes panic in MI6,
Has the location of Scorpion One been compromised? Is the team in danger?
When the ‘accident’ is found not to be one, but a deliberate ‘execution’ style killing they are ordered to investigate.
A ‘white knuckle’ ride as the team tries to uncover what’s going on. While staying out of the ‘crosshairs’ of an Assassin.

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Black Danube

by Nik Grybaski

In the ghettos of Vienna in 1899, a young man lies dead, his fiancée arrested. But crime photographer Leo Katz’s images prove she is innocent. When corrupt police officers hide the evidence, Leo vows to bring the killers to justice. Even if it risks revealing he is in disguise and on the run.

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Category: Mystery – Historical