The Feud on Dead Lane

by Robert W Kirby

“Two tough families—Two mysterious deaths—One night of brutal violence.”

Nino and Elena dream of sharing a normal life together. They are desperate to escape the shadow of Nino’s domineering and dangerous family, the Bartells.

After a shocking revelation is made, and a family member dies in strange circumstances, Elena urges Nino to take drastic action.

But some outsiders are drawn into the mix. Two best friends who have made a grave mistake, a no-nonsense financial adviser searching for his missing son, and a proud new mum. Soon all of them will be caught up in a deadly world where betrayal, violence and even cold-blooded murder are acceptable methods of settling scores.

Will anybody walk away unscathed?

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Category: Crime Fiction


We Must Save Jepson!

by Mark Petersen

Suspense! Murder! Tea breaks! In this hilarious historical thriller, H. R. Huxtable sets out to rescue a British outpost in Africa. Someone has rudely ventilated his tent with bullet holes. But despite harsh jungle, cannibals, an oversexed female, and his own unhinged troops, Huxtable will prevail. Er … won’t he?

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Category: Suspense


Pies and Pandemonium

by Sue Hollowell

A pie to die for, tangled family ties, and farmer’s market folly. Can they slice up this juicy mystery to serve up the killer or will they be forced to eat humble pie?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Vampires and Villains: Magical Mystery Book Club Book 2

by Elizabeth Pantley

Paige and her joyful Aunt Glo have learned that the home they inherited comes with a magical library. They put together a book club group of loveable kooks to explore the magic. They’ve recovered from their first book journey, and they all agree on their next book which takes place on a cruise ship bound for Hawaii. Problem is, they were so excited about the cruising idea that they didn’t read the entire blurb on the back of the book. (“It was entirely too long,” explains Zell.) Once on the ship, they meet a charming and likeable man who blends seamlessly into their motley group. Too bad they don’t know why he’s so scarce during the day but shows up to join them every evening for dinner, drinks, and a show. When a dead body shows up on board, their new friend is labeled a suspect. The book club will need to solve the case to get off the ship, out of the book, and back to their home.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Ghost Canyon

by Anthony M. Strong

When Robyn Miller inherits an old ghost town in Nevada, she decides to create a one-of-a-kind wedding venue and tourist attraction. When she hires a trio of geologists to survey the crumbling gold mine, only one of them makes it out alive, and he brings with him a tale of mummified corpses, seams of gold, and a creature with glowing red eyes that killed his companions and almost murdered him.

When agent John Decker arrives in the remote mining town he finds a terrifying adversary that dates all the way back to the Gold Rush, and an ancient legend come to life.

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Category: Thrillers – Pulp


Pretty Corpse

by Linda Berry

When Officer Lauren Starkly finds an unconscious woman posed as a corpse, she learns that the offense mirrors two other recent assaults. A sexual predator with a “death” fetish is at large in San Francisco. Lauren is determined to bring him down, but as she gets closer, he taunts her. Can she unmask him before another woman becomes his victim?

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Category: Mystery – African American