Peek A Boo, I See You (Emma Frost Book 5)

by Willow Rose


The body of a woman found in front of Nordby City Hall has a message for Emma Frost carved into the skin. Behind this ruthless murder stands a ghostly figure that likes to play childish games. Soon, this killer brings a reign of terror to the small Danish Island and especially to the life of Emma Frost.

While Emma’s personal life is in a mess, she also has to hunt down a cruel predator who seems to be targeting people with serious mental illnesses.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


The Latitude

by Pete Clements

They fly unseen into the U. S., bound for Midwest and East Coast distribution, invade under cover of night, commandeer homes, and threaten murder. Some brave citizens fight the traffickers, bring high seas chase all the way to Bahamas hideouts, battle vicious gunfire, and even find young love. Who wins? This time, you do.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


The Accident

by Daniel Hurst

Anni is devastated when her son is killed by a drunk driver.
She tries to move on with her life and is glad to make a new friend, Jo.
But Jo has a secret. She is connected to the fatal accident in a way that Anni never suspects.
Will Anni discover the horrifying truth? Or will she find out just how far some people go to cover up their mistakes…

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


Outback Creed

by Jonathan Macpherson

“Action packed from the first sentence. Outback Creed is outstanding. I read it in one day.” –Robert Dugoni New York Times Bestselling Author of the Tracy Crosswhite series.

An intense thriller, loaded with action and shocking twists.

A city lawyer and an Aboriginal boy become targets in a high-stakes conspiracy.
Tom McLaren is the go-to negotiator for a corporate law firm, and is accustomed to success and all its trappings. His skills are put to the test when he and his colleagues head to the outback, hoping to persuade Aboriginal Elders to give up their land to a powerful mining company. The land is worth billions, but the Elders won’t budge, and Tom faces the rare prospect of failure. Yet there are hidden forces at play that will stop at nothing to make sure a deal is done, even if that means taking the life of an Aboriginal boy. When Tom and his colleagues discover the shocking plot, they also become targets, and the result is murder. In his frantic hunt for answers, Tom realizes his most dangerous enemy may be closer than he feared. With relentless killers closing in fast, Tom must uncover the truth…before it’s too late!

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies