Abby Kane FBI Thrillers 1-6

by Ty Hutchinson

Abby Kane FBI Thrillers (Books 1-6)

Meet the agent with an impossible directive: solve the FBI’s most baffling cases. Abby Kane spent her early career putting sickos, psychopaths, and ruthless killers behind bars. After her husband’s mysterious death, she moved her family to San Francisco, hoping for a fresh start and healing. What she got instead was a job with the FBI.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Code Red

by Ian Loome

Bob Singleton was a CIA assassin. Now, he’s homeless and wants to be left alone.
But a nurse and a teenage boy desperately need his protection.
They are being pursued by trained killers because they stumbled on a long-buried conspiracy.
Now he must use the same deadly skills that made him a legend. Skills he had sworn he would never use again.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies


The Dream Heist

by Christina Farley

An action-packed thriller with a blend of Inception and The Bourne Identity.

When a budding neurological scientist’s father is kidnapped, she must navigate a treacherous world of dreams and danger as she hunts for her father, using the dreams of her enemies to guide her, only to discover her own dreams are the most dangerous of all.

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Category: Mystery – African American


Native Revenge

by Mark Reps

Opportune murder or revenge? Sheriff Zeb Hanks races to nab killers stalking Graham County. Ex-sheriff Abe Januschka and Archie Torringo, heir-apparent of a real estate empire, are brutally murdered in a convenience store. A robbery gone wrong or something more? The two men seem to have nothing in common. Archie Torringo is an outsider and Abe Januschka has deep roots in the area. Zeb’s father-in-law, Bodeaway Skysong, has known the murdered ex-sheriff for a long time. When Bodeaway takes a personal interest in the case, Zeb wonders if there’s more to it than friendship. Do the two share a long-buried secret? Sheriff Hanks’ investigation finds sinister links to past events and motives that suggest the killers are not finished. When Zeb puts together the pieces, he realizes the killers have his family in their crosshairs and will stop at nothing to fulfill their thirst for revenge.

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Category: Mystery – Series


Dead Ground

by Justin Warren

A quiet farmhouse, four dead, one survivor. Dylan Harper thought all his troubles died that night. He was wrong. Years later, when sent to a small town to investigate a missing person, history catches up with him. A heart pounding thriller that will leave you gasping for more.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Taste of Desire…

by Manuela Radojevic

Flame, a gentle and caring eighteen-year-old girl, moves to a small town with her family after her grandfather’s death. Her life had always been miserable due to a disease and extreme separation from the world (since her mind was purely unexplainable as she lived immersed in her thoughts). Even though people never knew her for what lay in the depth of her soul, she was a fighter in spite of her agony. She found a way of escaping cruel reality and her insensitive parents through her dreams. Each night, her dreams are visited by a shadow, a person whose appearance is exceptionally remarkable.

Warmly welcomed to her new high school, she meets Liam, a complex guy whose personality always remains a tempting mystery to her. The suggestion of mere sorrow that only she sees in him, accompanied by regretful eyes, arouses an interest and passion in her to unfold the cold cover trapping a human inside. Soon, her dreams intervene with the reality, and the life she once knew is shattered mercilessly. Entangled in a world of beauty, twisted thoughts and deep sadness, she surrenders to Liam’s secrets that threaten her sanity. Their realities, from which they both flee, turn into a storm of events, only forcing them further apart, yet the need for their past scars to heal never seems to fade.

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