Death Hampton

by Walter Marks

NYPD homicide detective transfer to peaceful East Hampton. But he finds the town rife with crime, greed, violence and murder.

“A fast paced mystery with plenty of action and colorful characters” — Kirkus Reviews

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals



A shadowy bomber wants an old dilapidated Virginia marina for himself. But there are two problems, and their names are Lindsay and Murph. The young couple tied up the marina deal before the bomber. Now their “deal to die for” might literally become just that. If they are going to survive long enough to close the deal, they’ll need the help of some wacky new marina friends before the timer reaches zero…

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Category: Mystery – Series

Calling Back the Dead

by JR Erickson

The sprawling Kerry Manor has stood abandoned for nearly a century.

But that hasn’t kept the darkness at bay. Stories about the cursed house trickle out. Violent deaths, strange sightings, and always the chilling sound of a little girl’s song permeates the murky halls.

Today, Kerry Manor is restored to its original grandeur. Corrie and Sammy Flynn, and their daughter Isis, move into the house for a winter retreat. As they settle into the dim, gothic rooms, they cannot imagine the terror that awaits them.

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Category: Suspense

The Jeri Howard Anthology: Books 1-5 (The Jeri Howard Series)

by Janet Dawson

The first five AWARD-WINNING Jeri Howard murder mysteries are now available at an unbelievable bargain!

Tough-as-nails Oakland PI Jeri Howard made a splash in Janet Dawson’s first book, winning Best First PI Novel from the Private Eye Writers of America. The next four mysteries only get more enticing!

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Don’t Kill For Me

by Martha Henley

If a serial killer is murdering your enemies, do you stop him?

Eileen Somers is flattered by a series of anonymous letters delivered to her floral boutique. Then he confesses to murder.

The vigilante Rest in Peace Killer has chosen Eileen as his latest victim. RIP, makes it clear he will continue to eliminate her adversaries to give her peace of mind. His attention is undesired.

Identifying a serial killer who walks among the ordinary shoppers in the mall seems impossible, but Eileen is desperate to stop his mission. Innocent or not, when he’s finished killing for her, Eileen will be his last victim.

Buy the debut domestic thriller from Martha Henley, Don’t Kill For Me today. This plot-twisting novel will have you looking twice at every stranger who crosses your path.

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