Fog City Fraud

by Peter James Ralph

Why would a law-abiding citizen hold a knife to a young girl’s throat and drag her onto the ledge of a high-rise building in San Francisco?

Returned war hero, Josh Kennelly, is hiding a dark secret and knows he risks being exposed if he attempts to save her.

A police bullet ends the standoff, and when the man plunges to his death, he takes the reasons for his momentary madness with him.

Devastated, his heartbroken daughter seeks Josh out and asks him to help find out why her father snapped.

Out of his depth but falling in love, Josh risks his life to find the answers.

If you like clean-cut heroes, you won’t be able to put down the addictive Josh Kennelly series.

Fog City Fraud is the first book in this high-stakes crime thriller series. You can read it as a standalone novel or part of the gripping Josh Kennelly Crime Thriller series.

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Category: Thrillers – Financial

The Last Deception: A Leine Basso Thriller

by D.V. Berkom

Espionage. Betrayal. A nation on the brink of war…

Just when former assassin Leine Basso thinks she’s free from the business of death, a desperate call from a friend drags her back into the dark world of espionage and arms dealers.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

Dark Return: A Leine Basso Thriller

by D.V. Berkom

Former assassin Leine Basso is fresh off an assignment rescuing an American teenager from a terrorist group in Libya when she thwarts the murder of a street kid in Tripoli. Leine agrees to help the girl, but must first visit a refugee camp to uncover the reason behind a rash of mysterious abductions. Leaving the camp, Leine comes under a surprise attack–but only a handful of people knew her true mission.

The more she discovers about the abductions, the more of a target she becomes, forcing her to revisit a dark and violent past she thought she’d left behind. But it’s easy–too easy to fall back into her old ways. And that could get her killed.

Will Leine be able to survive a dark return?

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Mr Lucky

by Lee Wood

A single instant shattered Detective James Sheldon’s perfect life. Eighteen months later, he is begging for loose change on the streets and contemplating suicide.

In a strange twist of fate, he wins a record-breaking 168 million lottery. But what should be a life-changing dream becomes a heart-pumping nightmare.

Suddenly James finds himself thrust into a dangerous game where he’s forced to confront drug dealers, crime bosses out to destroy him, and the personal demons that keep him up at night. The question is – can he come to terms with his new wealth?

Totally unpredictable!

Not your usual crime novel plot.

Perfect for readers who enjoy a story with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

Pawsitively Cursed

by Melissa Erin Jackson

Though the fire that killed Amber Blackwood’s parents had been ruled an accident, Amber has always suspected someone from the fabled, cursed Penhallow clan was responsible. Her family thinks she’s paranoid—so it’s a shock when her aunt shows up, claiming that a Penhallow has resurfaced, and that he’s heading for Edgehill … and Amber.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

What Comes After

by Caren Hahn

Lorna’s been dead for three years and still isn’t over it.

Now she’s stuck in the afterlife churning through therapists while she mourns the family she left behind. When she meets Jackie, a recently murdered teen, Lorna slips back into a mothering role as naturally as if she were still alive.

But Jackie doesn’t want comfort. She wants revenge. Her killer is still free and worse, he’s found a new victim: Lorna’s own daughter.

Can Lorna and Jackie stop a ruthless murderer before he kills again?

$0.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Suspense