by Willow Rose

“Urgently timely.”- Kirkus Reviews

They think she’s a monster, but she’s their only hope…

In a divided nation, 14-year-old Jetta belongs nowhere. Her face is split right down the middle: half-black and half-white. The non-white residents of her New Orleans camp call her a demon. The white oppressors who took over during the 2nd American Civil War have called her much worse…

After years as an outcast, Jetta uncovers her true heritage as the daughter of an African storm god and a Finnish death goddess. As she attempts to harness her terrible new abilities to turn the tide in the war, trouble comes to those she tries to help. Only Jetta has the power to heal her divided homeland… or destroy everything in her path…

Girl Divided is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel infused with magical forces. If you like immersive worlds, strong characters, and a tale that reads like Neil Gaiman and Stephen King combined, then you’ll love Willow Rose’s provocative story.

Buy Girl Divided now to destroy a divided dystopia today!

“In short, exciting chapters, prolific thriller writer Rose (Waltzing Matilda, 2018, etc.) spins an action-fantasy yarn with a hot-button premise that will strike some readers as urgently timely…An incendiary tale featuring mythic and realistic elements.” – Kirkus Reviews

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Category: Suspense


A Cast of Killers

by Gallagher Gray

In Gallagher Gray’s second cozy Hubbert and Lil mystery, stalwart amateur sleuth Theodore Hubbert and his trusty sidekick Aunt Lil take on a scrappy should-be-retired troupe of ex-actresses, who—surprise, surprise—aren’t at all what they seem….

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Corridor Man 5: Finger

by Mike Faricy

Psychotic, narcissistic, psychopathic, greedy, unprincipled…and always charming Bobby embraces the task of forming a new law firm. Don’t confuse him with the fact that he’s disbarred. He’ll have some loose ends to tie up, his relationship with the partners of his current firm and then who would ever consider working for him? He may be lucky enough to find one or two individuals, but they bring along their own special set of problems.

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Category: Thrillers – Legal


Who Hates Marigold Flowers

by Sara M. Barton

Book 1 in the Cornwall & Company Series….How does a wedding planner from Lake Placid, New York end up in the trunk of a Toyota Corolla submerged in a frozen lake near Windham, nearly two hundred miles away? It’s easy if you’ve got two contract killers after you!

Marigold Flowers doesn’t understand why anyone would want to kill her. Her specialty is parties, not crime. But there’s no denying that someone with a lot of money and significant resources is out to silence her. What secrets does she hold about international money laundering and a criminal syndicate? How can she save herself when she’s accused of trying to murder the U. S. marshal in charge of her safety?

Enter the Cornwall brothers. Jackson, Lincoln, and Jefferson all have some special skills that can help untangle Marigold’s complicated life. But they’re going to have to work fast if they hope to prevent another murder…or before Marigold Flowers permanently disappears!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Ghost of a Chance

by Eric Wilder

When his aunt is murdered, private investigator Buck McDivit inherits her marina and fishing lodge on an island in a mysterious East Texas lake. He soon learns someone wants the island enough to kill him for it.

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Category: Mystery – Series


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