Sauvignon Slaying

by Elizabeth Rain

When the Naked Ghost in her Bedroom Chair starts asking questions, Verity is certain she’s ready for the Not so Funny Farm…and determined to get rid of the Curse!
Then her first paying venue goes belly up and Dead Hostess down. If she doesn’t want to be next, she’ll need to catch a killer…
At Crooked Tree Secrets…and Murders…are mounting.
The biggest is just past the spiders in the cellar on the left…

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Shelter From The Storm: A Hard-Boiled New Orleans Legal Thriller (Tubby Dubonnet Mystery #4) (The Tubby Dubonnet Series)

by Tony Dunbar

To out-of-town kingpin Willie LaRue, Mardi Gras seems the perfect time for a New Orleans heist – nobody, but nobody will be thinking about a single other thing. Parties, parades, chaos, alcohol – who could be concerned about a little thing like a bank job? Raffish lawyer Tubby Dubonnet is obliged to take time out from his customary eating and loafing to thwart their murderous intentions.

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Category: Thrillers – Legal


Outside the Lines: A Claudia Rose Novel (Forensic Handwriting Mysteries Book 6)

by Sheila Lowe

Following a brutal attack, traumatized handwriting expert Claudia Rose accepts an invitation to lecture in the UK. Trouble follows her there when her sympathy for the suspect in an eco-terrorism plot comes between her and her romantic partner, LAPD homicide cop, Joel Jovanic, who is investigating him.

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Category: Suspense


Find You in the Dark

by Mark Gillespie

Laura Hansen is a woman haunted by the past.

Five years ago, a fateful encounter with a stranger turned Laura’s dream life into a nightmare. Humiliated and shunned, she cut ties with family and friends, disappearing north to the Scottish Highlands.

Now, Laura lives a reclusive life on the road. A loner, avoiding the eyes of strangers. She never stays in one place too long, fearful that someone will recognise her.

What is she running from?

Then one day, she sees him. The stranger who destroyed her life. His name is Dirk De Vries, and he’s on holiday with his family.

This is Laura’s chance. But what starts out as a simple revenge plan soon descends into a night of chaos.

A night that will change all of their lives forever.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


Blind Bake

by Denise Grover Swank

When a young woman is at the wrong place at the wrong time, she becomes a person of interest in a murder investigation.

Maddie Baker just wants to make ends meet. She gave up her school librarian career to return to her hometown and take care of her elderly aunt. So when she starts making Uber runs to supplement her barista job, she never dreamt she’d not only drop a man off to his murder but be labeled a person of interest in his death.

Detective Noah Langley is looking for a fresh start in a city with a lower crime rate and a fraction of the population of Memphis. It’s just what he needs to recover from a nightmare that left him severely injured and his teenage mentee dead. The first murder since he’s arrived in Cockamamie is a chance to prove to his boss and himself he should be there.

Noah doesn’t have many leads, but the few he has all tie back to one person: Maddie Baker. She doesn’t seem the type, but the last time he presumed someone was innocent he nearly died. Has Noah lost his instincts? Because if he can’t trust his gut, it might be time to turn in his badge.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


The Repayment

by J.C. Moore

Sarah’s world goes haywire when her abusive husband abandons her for another woman. She’s left with nothing but a decrepit farm with a guest house teeming with secrets.

But, as she delves further into the murky darkness of the house, she uncovers something sinister lurking in its depths, a force so powerful and so relentless that it surpasses her darkest fears.

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Category: Crime Fiction