Witch on Ice

by Cat Larson

Hi, my name is Sammara Eve Hain and I don’t admit that to just anyone.
Especially the witch part.
If it were up to me, I would’ve been born into a nice, normal family. One that went camping on weekends and played board games and watched television.
Not one that spent their Saturday nights cackling around a cauldron and turning people into frogs.
Okay, that’s an exaggeration. They don’t cackle.
But they’re definitely not normal. And the frog thing?
May I introduce my fiancé, Fernando? Mr. Short, Green, and Bewitched.
Courtesy of my sister.
All I ever wanted when I left my small town of Bigfoot Bay 13 years ago was to disappear into the big city and lead an ordinary life.
I never expected to return.
And when I stumbled upon my childhood nemesis frozen solid inside a wall of ice, I never expected I’d be forced to stay.
With a betrothed frog at my side and no sister in sight.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Southern Sass and Killer Cravings

by Kate Young

Life has always been sweet on Georgia’s Peach Cove Island, but a case of murder has Marygene Brown down in the pits . . .
For generations, the women of the Brown family on Peach Cove Island have been known for their Southern sass and sweet homemade desserts at their beloved Peach Diner. Since their mother’s passing two years ago, Marygene has been stuck in Atlanta while her sister Jena Lynn has been running the family business. Now Marygene has left her husband and returned to her hometown, where she can almost feel Mama’s presence.
But all is not peachy back home. Marygene has barely tied on an apron when a diner regular drops dead at the counter. When it turns out the old man’s been poisoned, Jena Lynn is led away in handcuffs and the family eatery is closed. Now, to save her sister and the diner, Marygene must find the real killer. With some startling assistance from her Mama’s spirit, Marygene will be serving up a special order of just desserts . . .

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


The President’s Dossier

by James A. Scott

Fired for bias against the U.S. president, ex-CIA Russia expert Max Geller is hired to find anonymous sources and verify their allegations that the president is a Moscow puppet. Max joins forces with the Russian mafia, a Moscow enforcement group, and Jill Rucker, an undercover CIA agent, all of whom have conflicting motives. The search takes them from Washington, D.C., to London, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Panama, and Geneva. Close behind is Zabluda, a Kremlin assassin, with orders to kill them and their sources and destroy evidence incriminating the president. Max Geller is the spy who went out in the cold—and nobody wants him back to tell what he knows.

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Category: Thrillers – Political


Lethal Scripture

by Yoram Katz

France, 1798. Pascal de Charney is summoned by his father, Roland, before leaving with Napoleon’s army. Roland wishes Pascal to perform a task for him.
Israel, 2010. Yossi is an ex-cop turned private investigator. Jeanne de Charney, an enchanting Frenchwoman, steps in to hire his services. She presents him with a batch of old letters from Pascal, which she has uncovered while searching in her family’s archives.
In a letter, Pascal tells his father about Rivka, a Jewish girl from the city of Safed, for whom he has developed a passion.
Jeanne is seemingly seeking information about the mysterious Rivka. Eventually, she reveals her real objective: She is hunting for two lost scrolls.
But she is not alone in the race.
When murders from the past start catching up with the present, Yossi and Jeanne realize that the old mystery is lethal and continues to claim victims.
Who is next in line?

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Category: Mystery – Historical


Root and Branch

by Preston Fleming

ROOT AND BRANCH is a realistic thriller set in a near-future America where an Islamist-inspired intifada triggers emergency security measures that go terribly wrong.

Roger Zorn, owner of a French private security company, is delighted at having won a lucrative contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as part of the government’s new program of emergency security measures. The measures are launched when the U.S. military response to sneak attacks by Iran and Pakistan on America’s electrical grid provokes a wave of Jihadist-inspired violence across the U.S.A.

Zorn’s work for DHS requires him to apply his company’s Triage risk assessment technology to evaluate terrorist suspects captured in the U.S. and sort out the jihadists from nonviolent Muslim residents. But when Zorn’s inquiries lead him to discover that DHS and its lead contractor have been manipulating Triage scores to deport massive numbers of Muslims and is ‘disappearing’ the most violent ones, Zorn faces a choice.

Will he say nothing and sell his company to DHS’s prime contractor before scandal breaks, or will Zorn step up to expose the abuses and risk bringing the full wrath of America’s national security establishment down on his head?

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Category: Thrillers – Political


Hearing Evil

by Jason Parent

Michael Turcotte wants nothing to do with his so-called gift—the ability to see other people’s fates simply by touching them. Michael decides to spend his summer searching for answers about his past. He can’t rest without the sounds of forgotten tragedy echoing through his dreams, but reconstructing his memories will come with a whole new set of problems even he can’t foresee.

Detective Samantha Reilly has always looked out for Michael, but now that she’s taken him into her home, she fears her maternal instincts are lacking. When a brutal gang sets off a chain reaction of crimes, Sam struggles to choose between the two most important things in her life: her job and her new foster son. Fate intervenes when Michael is kidnapped, forcing her two roles to collide.

As Michael’s past meets Sam’s present, their bond will be tested while a city crumbles around them. They’ll need all their skills and a lot of luck in order to survive.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


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