Rebekka Franck: Book 3-4

by Willow Rose

An enthralling tale from an international bestselling author

– Five, Six… Grab Your Crucifix:

It was supposed to be a vacation, but instead reporter Rebekka Franck confronts her most baffling case yet! When a priest’s exorcism goes awry, Rebekka must pick up the pieces and discover the mystery behind an evil force.

Rebekka and Sune are on a vacation in Northern Zeeland when they suddenly find themselves involved in what turns out to be their strangest case to this date.

This is a terrific psychological thriller, romance and murder mystery all rolled into one.

– Seven, Eight…Gonna Stay Up Late:

She thought she could keep it a secret.

Just fourteen years old, Amalie thought she could take off and go to the festival with her best friend without anyone knowing it – without her parents finding out. She thought she was safe when she met a man offering her drugs; she thought she was safe when she went alone to her tent to take the pills. However, when she opened her eyes and found herself in the man’s basement, she knew she was not safe anymore.

She was trapped.

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Category: Suspense


Public Opinion

by Nathan Pettijohn

Herb is a fixer, a social media manipulator, an anonymous barracuda in a sea of wealthy marks. Blackmail, character assassination, fraud—it’s all in a day’s work.

When a quick scam introduces Herb to a cold-blooded director on a quest to film the Marquis de Sade’s Justine, Herb enters a world of porn stars and celebrity sociopaths, massage parlors and murder.

Herb is building a family. He’s trying to build a conscience. But most importantly—Herb will get his money, no matter how many lives he has to ruin along the way.

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Category: Thrillers – Pulp


Rim City Blues

by Elliott Scott

They want Felix Lasko to solve a murder while getting chased by coyotes, one-eyed assassins, and killer robots. He’d say no, but that’s not an option—since they’ll kill him outright if he refuses.

Felix had always dreamed of becoming a detective: just not at gunpoint. Besides the hot lead motivation, solving the murder of Jeff Hense will get him a ticket into Neotopia. It’s the last city on the planet with power, and he’s run hundreds of miles only to get stuck outside its blue forcefield dome.

He’ll need to get through a brothel-ship wedged into a cliffside, and a gang of violent criminals called the Mayors. All while avoiding instant death by a deadly piece of Tek known only as the Scream Ray.

Whatever the odds, he’s done running. He’ll get into Neotopia even if it kills him.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled



by James Rutter

July 2020, Simon Whitby was looking forward to his business re-opening after 3 months of lockdown. But no sooner had he welcomed his customers back in, thieves struck and virtually wiped out the business overnight. With his finances collapsing and little support from the police or insurance, Simon is forced to take matters into his own hands and deliver his own form of retribution on the person he believes was behind it. But Simon’s carefully constructed trap doesn’t go as smoothly as he had planned.

Seen through Simon’s eyes and that of his partner Georgia, this fast-paced revenge drama re-traces the dramatic twists and turns of his perilous and desperate plan to recover his business, his life and his self-respect. Based on real events, this debut crime thriller shows James Rutter’s skill in crafting an exceptionally gritty debut novella that cranks up the tension with every chapter.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


August Origins

by Alan Lee

Mackenzie August, the stalwart big-city detective, returns to his hometown to open a private cop shop. A classic detective mystery series.

The first four books are on sale!

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators


The Discarded

by Louis van Schalkwyk

Ellis Neill wakes up next to his family one morning, just as he had done for the last ten years, unaware that it would be his last taste of freedom.

His life soon spirals out of control and he is cast into a remote prison in the Arctic wilderness where nothing is as it seems, the inmates rule and a sinister figure wants him and his family dead.

Resulting from carefully laid plans he is plunged into a fight for survival, sanity and saving those he loves.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime



by Traude Ailinger

A killing in high society leaves a detective with a chip on his shoulder grasping at straws

After a shooting party on a Scottish estate, one of the participants is found dead, having been unceremoniously hit on the head with a rock.

Getting nowhere when interviewing the arrogant son of the wealthy landowner, DI Russell McCord is quietly relieved that with her family connections, bothersome journalist Amy Thornton might help the investigation.

But with a new partner to train – one who, to his dismay, seems to have won the affections of Amy – McCord wastes no time putting the most likely suspect in jail. He’ll work out the motive later.

When Amy undermines his case, he’ll have to rely heavily on her to find the real perpetrator. But not before another murder throws everything up in the air.

HIGH HAND is the second cozy mystery by Traude Ailinger to feature amateur sleuth Amy Thornton and grumpy DI Russell McCord. It can be enjoyed entirely as a standalone but readers will also like the first novel, NEAR MISS.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy