No Good Deed

by M.P. McDonald

Seeing the future comes at a price. What price would you be willing to pay to save thousands of lives?

Mark Taylor knows his actions scream guilty—but he was only trying to stop the horrible terrorist attack. Instead of a thank you, the government labels him an enemy combatant and throws him in the brig with no rights, no trial, and no way to prove his innocence and learns that the CIA can do anything they want to him—anything at all.

Mark’s just a regular guy—a photographer—who finds himself in an extraordinary situation when an antique camera he buys at a dusty Afghanistan bazaar produces photographs of future tragedies. Tragedies he’s driven to prevent.

His frantic warnings about September 11th are ignored but put him in the government cross-hairs where he learns what being labeled an ‘enemy combatant’ really means…

Download this intense and gripping thriller now.

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Category: Thrillers – Terrorism


The Mystery of Jackson Villa

by Rohit Balakrishnan

James Thomas, a young businessman, inexplicably goes missing from Jackson Villa, a vast apartment complex and his place of residence, hours before he was scheduled to host an important business meeting. James’ disappearance comes in the backdrop of a music concert that was organized in Jackson Villa the previous night.

Detective Nikhil Krishnan springs into action to track down James before it’s too late. While the investigators race against time, they receive a mysterious message from an unknown phone number, vaguely hinting at James’ whereabouts. This triggers a frantic search, which eventually ends with James being found.

The manner in which James was found leaves the investigators absolutely dumbfounded, opening up a seemingly unsolvable mystery that Nikhil and his team must take up and solve.

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives


Sound of a Furious Sky

by HN Wake

Returning from an involuntary leave of absence, the gutsy, tenacious FBI Special Agent Domini Walker catches a no-brainer missing persons case. The young heiress Hettie Van Buren has slipped away on a sexy weekend with a delinquent boyfriend. But things are not as they seem. Not by a long shot.

If you like Clarice Starling, Harry Bosch, Lisbeth Salander, Jack Reacher, and Tracy Crosswhite, you’ll love Dom Walker.

If you enjoy page-turning thrillers loaded with satisfyingly complex twists, sabotage, and intrigue, then this first book in the Dom Walker series is for you.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


Big Easy

by Eric Wilder

Paranormal investigator Wyatt Thomas deals with murder by voodoo. Big Easy, Book 1 of Eric Wilder’s intoxicating French Quarter Mystery Series set in that ‘erotic, exotic Mecca known as New Orleans. Visit the Big Easy tonight. You might decide to stay awhile.

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Category: Mystery – Series



by Steve Parker

Christine Lord, a judge, is tethered to a court roof. And sentenced to death. By her son.
Detectives Paterson and Clocks are called to the scene of a murder. A man has been publicly displayed in a local park. His method of death is an ancient ritual known as a ‘Blood Eagle’.
The victim is someone with very close ties to the detectives.
And now another gruesome ritualistic killing . . . who is behind them and why the elaborate murder methods? Time is running out for Paterson and Clocks to stop their ultimate enemy

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Category: Suspense




What would happen if you could make all your wishes come true?

In this international technothriller, Miguel Le Fablec, a young European university professor has the ability to turn his imagination into reality. This is the so called Midas Effect. Miguel attracts the attention of the CIA and NASA, which draw him into clandestine scientific operations to attempt to control him.

But how do you harness the power of a god?

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


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