The House that Jack Built

by Willow Rose

From a bestselling author comes this spine-chilling mystery!

Scott Kingston is afraid of monsters. He thinks they’re lurking outside his bedroom window at night when his mother tucks him in. He asks his mother to keep the light on to scare the monsters away. But that light is exactly what lures the kidnapper to his window and the next morning, Scott Kingston is gone.

Twenty-eight years later, Vernon Johnson is released from jail after spending the biggest part of his life on death row, convicted of having kidnapped and killed Scott Kingston. As so many times before, he has appealed his case, but this time, the judge decides to let him go. A witness has finally told the truth, and there is no longer sufficient evidence to keep him in jail.

But shortly after Vernon Johnson is released and has returned to his childhood town, another child disappears, and soon all eyes are on him again.

Jack Ryder is getting ready to build the house of his dreams while hoping that Shannon won’t end up in jail for the murder her ex-husband committed. She is expecting their child and the pregnancy, along with the worrying, takes a toll on the both of them, especially when a dark secret is revealed about the lot where they are preparing to build their house.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled


Four Cold Months

by KJ Kalis

Detective Max Grady’s past haunts him every single day.

The day he finds out Macy Chandler has been missing for four months is no exception.

Now, a ransom demand has come in, one that her family doesn’t understand and can’t fulfill.

With no options and no leads, Max sets out to find the kidnappers and to rescue Macy… while she still has time.

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Category: Mystery – African American


The Sting of Death

by Linda Berry

When a beekeeper and a scantily clad woman are found viciously murdered on the same night, bee related evidence ties the homicides together. As the investigation digs deeper, dark secrets of a sexual nature come to light. Men in the community with spotless reputations are swept into the vortex. The case of a young woman who vanished without a trace is reopened. All of these crimes are somehow related. Police Chief Sidney Becker needs to unravel the threads—fast. A vicious killer is walking free, hiding in plain sight.

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Category: Mystery – Series



by J. Luke Bennecke

What if terrorists put genetically modified viruses into our drinking water?

When Californians start getting sick with flu-like symptoms, civil engineer Jake Bendel partners with the FBI to discover the cause. With his new desalination plants behind schedule and searing pressure from the California Governor, Jake uncovers a secret network of vengeful terrorists planning Nazi-level genetic modifications. But before the engineer can find a way to cure the masses, he himself is injected with the virus, forcing him to dig deep to track down the leader of the terrorist group. The clock is ticking. Can they stop the terrorists and save millions of people?

A thought-provoking thriller about a very real threat to the essence of life: water.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers



by Edita A. Petrick

Last thing Dr. Amelia Rimgold expected, when attending the New York opera was to find herself staring at her corpse, a fresh trickle of blood oozing from the bullet wound on her temple.

Last thing the nameless assassin expected was to leave the scene of crime, only to find out he was on a leash whose nature he could not understand.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


Mildred in Disguise With Diamonds

by Toni Kief

Mildred Petrie expected a comfortable retirement after years as a meter maid. Her husband dies, and his secrets change everything. At the age of 71, broke and desperate, she walks to the Ivory Winds Casino and takes the first job they offer-undercover security. Mildred takes on the hidden secrets with sass, courage, and elastic waist pants.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


by Pete Brassett

Having recently been run over in a deliberate hit and run, although black and blue, veteran detective James Munro wastes no time looking for the perpetrator. However, when the prime witness turns up dead, the police have a murder case on their hands, and one in which the killer always seems one step ahead.

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives