Rebekka Franck: Book 3-4

by Willow Rose

An enthralling tale from an international bestselling author

– Five, Six… Grab Your Crucifix:

It was supposed to be a vacation, but instead reporter Rebekka Franck confronts her most baffling case yet! When a priest’s exorcism goes awry, Rebekka must pick up the pieces and discover the mystery behind an evil force.

Rebekka and Sune are on a vacation in Northern Zeeland when they suddenly find themselves involved in what turns out to be their strangest case to this date.

This is a terrific psychological thriller, romance and murder mystery all rolled into one.

– Seven, Eight…Gonna Stay Up Late:

She thought she could keep it a secret.

Just fourteen years old, Amalie thought she could take off and go to the festival with her best friend without anyone knowing it – without her parents finding out. She thought she was safe when she met a man offering her drugs; she thought she was safe when she went alone to her tent to take the pills. However, when she opened her eyes and found herself in the man’s basement, she knew she was not safe anymore.

She was trapped.

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Category: Suspense


Faithless: A Jane Doe Thriller

by Steven Ramirez

In a secret lab, a woman awakens from a bizarre dream. She’s alone, immersed in a tank with wires and tubes. The other test subjects are dead—drowned in black water. Her only memory is dying from her wounds during a night raid in Afghanistan. Something brought her back, uninjured. Men in gray suits try to end Jane. Each time they shoot her, she heals. Leaving a trail of bodies, she runs. Now, she must discover who these men are and why they want her dead. But a debilitating fever rages inside Jane. In the lab, she was on an experimental drug. And without it, she will die.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


In Name Only

by Carol Kilgore

“Sometimes running from something can cause you to run smack dab into the most unexpected turn of events.” – from a 5-star reader review. Summer Newcombe had promised herself she would never kill again. But amid the sand dunes of Padre Island, the time has come for her to rethink that vow, if she wants to save the man she loves.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


Killer Magic

by Linda Berry

When Chief Sidney Becker arrives at a crime scene on the lakeshore of her small town, she’s confronted with one of the most spine chilling murders she’s ever witnessed. The man’s nude body is inscribed with mysterious symbols, and strange tokens are buried nearby in the sand. The investigation takes Sidney into the world of magical practices and beliefs. Her suspects include witches, illusionists, psychics, and magicians. Their familiarity with the symbols from the crime scene send a ripple of fear through the occult community. Many are convinced that a demonic warlock is on the loose. Sidney has little patience for beliefs in magic spells and demons. But she can’t deny that something sinister and eerie is afoot in Linnly County—and it’s waiting to strike again.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


What She Knew

by Miranda Rijks

Nine years ago, Stephanie’s flatmate Alison vanished, presumed murdered.
When a true crime series wants to interview her, Stephanie is forced to acknowledge her need to answer one burning question – what happened to Alison?
But someone doesn’t want her digging for the truth. As her perfect life unravels, she realises her own life is on the line.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


The Dead-End Job Mysteries: Volume 1-7 (Dead-End Job Mystery)

by Elaine Viets

This funny and fresh cozy series—about a woman on the run from her cheating ex and her court-ordered alimony. Follow Helen as she takes one dead-end job after another finding murder and mayhem along the way. Lots of laughs and great suspense.

The first seven books in the dead-end job mystery series available in a single box set edition!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


House of a Thousand Eyes

by Katia Lief

Killing Eve meets The Spy Who Came in From the Cold!

A Cold War spy’s deceits rise through time to haunt his American son, in a dual narrative split between postwar Berlin and early twentieth-century New York City. By the end, past becomes prologue, and a father’s secret life and untimely death begin to make treacherous sense before delivering one final surprise.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage


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