Run For Your Life

by C. M. Sutter

With the weekend right around the corner, Homicide Detective Mitch Cannon is looking forward to Saturday night. It isn’t often he has a date, and this one will be particularly interesting. His new friend Liza is beautiful, edgy, outspoken, and somewhat odd.

But Mitch’s usual Friday-morning phone call to his mom sets the wheels in motion for five days of pure hell. Mitch’s sister, Marie, has gone missing without a trace. His date is canceled, and Mitch’s partner, Devon, and Liza also go missing the following night. The only clue is a call Mitch gets from someone whose number is blocked, the anonymous speaker saying, “Ticktock, ticktock.”

Mitch and the entire Habersham precinct set out on a white-knuckle search to find his sister, partner, and new friend before time runs out and all three are gone forever.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


The Jena Halpern Mystery Thrillers – Box Set

by Michael Allan Scott

FBI Consultant or vigilante? Jena Halpern takes a darker, hands-on approach. With special talents, she tackles three cases of hard-boiled crime: a deviant serial killer, a Big Pharma fixer, a small-town family missing thirty-plus years.

“This is not a book style you find very often. Once I start his books, I can’t put them down. The stories are not cookie-cutter like so many books. If you’re an avid reader like me, try these books. They are a very refreshing change!” – 5-star Amazon review.

The Jena Halpern Mystery Thriller Series is an intriguing new read for fans of Dean Koontz, David Baldacci, and the Cassie Quinn series.

No AI content in this Crime Thriller series, guaranteed.

Eyes in the sky, she sees. Head in the clouds, she searches. Feet on the ground, she answers the call—Jena Halpern, the reluctant crime consultant.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


D for Daisy

by Nick Aaron

World War II. During the attacks on Berlin in the winter of 1943-44, wave after wave of British bombers swept over northern Europe and dropped their lethal loads on the German capital. A fair percentage of the bombers would fail to return from these operations, and RAF planners calculated the life expectancy of the airmen in weeks rather than months.
Therefore it did not seem strange when a Lancaster named D-Daisy landed at its base in England after a bombing run, and a member of the crew was found dead.
However, one person soon came to the conclusion that this man had been murdered. And the person who discovered this happened to be blind since birth. Her name was Daisy and she was the victim’s wife. She was very blonde and very pretty; also very young. Therefore, no one would listen to her. So she was going to have to find the murderer on her own.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


Everlasting Quarantine

by Saman Adhami

Things can always get worse…
ITALY. A viral mutation that defies all human logic has hit a world already shaken to its core by years of pandemic.
Governments’ instructions have been reduced to a single commandment: “STAY INDOORS!”
Paul finds himself trapped at his high-school reunion, which coincides with a sumptuous party that was supposed to jumpstart normality across the entire continent.
His former classmates are there…people in their thirties whom he barely recognizes and cannot decipher: they’re all caught in an Everlasting Quarantine, their bodies and minds pushed to the brink by Nature’s relentless fury.
How long can they hold on?
What will become of us and our once-great expectations when the world we know falls into the depths of unpredictability?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


Quentin Black: Psychic Detective (Quentin Black Mystery Series #1-3)

by JC Andrijeski

Like Sherlock Holmes? Meet the sexy, psychic version, Quentin Black, and his partner in crime, forensic psychologist Miri Fox. This collection offers the first three books of the QUENTIN BLACK MYSTERY series, introducing Black as a murder suspect, and Miri, who works for the cops, and finds herself strangely drawn to him. Paranormal mystery romance.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators



by Gitte Tamar

After losing his job at a genomic research company, Joel worries about his ability to provide for his family, especially during the holiday season. Even more concerning is how his unemployment may affect his perfect image within the extremist community he has lived in since birth. Lured by the idea of a quick fix, he impulsively books a flight for himself and his family to Europe when the offer of a large inheritance arrives in his inbox. Confident that he knows best, Joel blindly trusts a stranger’s invitation to return to the village of his ancestors to collect his birthright. But rather than wealth, they quickly discover that their lineage only possesses monstrous truths with deadly consequences.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological