Nest Egg

by Josi Avari

Getaway . . . with murder. Escape to Hawaii with amateur sleuth Saffron. Nest Egg book 1 of the Aloha Chicken Mysteries: A fun cozy mystery series with entertaining characters, a little romance, delectable Hawaiian cuisine, murder, and of course… chickens.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Peonies and Peril

by Sue Hollowell

She’s returned to her old stomping ground and everything’s the same… except for the flowerbed adorned with a dead body. Can Chloe dig everyone out of a precarious plot before the real killer flees to greener pastures?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Prayers for Evil: A Novel

by PG Smith

Terror strikes a small Maine village when an ancient curse rises up from the ashes of medieval rituals and the Nazi obsession with the occult. Chris Murphy arrives in Maine with his little daughter to take on a new job assignment. On the rebound from an ugly divorce, he seeks a new life and a fresh start. Before long he finds career challenges, new friends, and a steamy new romance. But another newcomer unleashes an evil force that lashes out at the town’s residents. A web of mysterious accidents soon threatens to ensnare those closest to Chris . With only the help of a most unlikely partner, can he find the roots of this evil and defeat it before it destroys the people he loves most?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Dead as a Dodo

by Jeannie Wycherley

Wizard Dodo, cantankerous old grump that he was, is dead. The chief suspect is a snivelling, toothless wretch with nothing to gain. Ex Ministry of Witches detective, Elise Liddell, ought to walk away because in Tumble Town even the shadows are alive … and now someone or something is hunting her. Wouldn’t it be better to let sleeping wizards die?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Need to Know

by Cameron Scott Patterson

Michael Spencer has questions only birth parents can answer, but his adoption search triggers a ripple along Ottawa’s corridors of absolute power that still shudder at the thought of his birth father, even after all these years. Michael quickly suffers the wrath of an intelligence apparatus so secret he doesn’t even know who he is running from. But he soon discovers he is not alone. His birth father has been watching, a virtual stranger with an inseparable bond, who returns to save the son he has never met. Now the race to save them both begins. And it all started with a dying wish to tell his birthmother she made the right choice.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

To Kill a Saint

by Michael Swiger

A corpse on an altar. A witness who isn’t talking. An ancient vow of secrecy.

It’s 2 A.M. when County Prosecutor Peter Saul arrives at the scene of a grisly murder at St. Andrew’s Church in an affluent suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Reverend Howard Jamison is covered with the victim’s blood, and there’s a Satanic Bible on his desk.

Attorney Hunter St. James has spent a lifetime fighting his father’s disgraceful legacy. With his career in shambles and his socialite girlfriend pregnant, St. James is assigned a pro-bono case he knows he can’t win. His subsequent crusade for truth that hurls him headlong into the dark supernatural world of the occult.

Psychologist Faith McGuire, recently divorced with a special-needs son, longs for a second chance at romance. A confluence of deadly events thrust her into the epicenter of this whirlwind thriller, threatening everything she loves.

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Category: Suspense