The Bird

by Willow Rose

Another nail-biting horror novella from the Queen of Scream

Everyone’s nightmare

When five-year-old Winnie finds a little bird that is hurt, she wants to take it in and take care of it. Her mother is reluctant. She is terrified of birds. As she rightfully should be…

The Bird is a short story from The Queen of Scream. A quick and scary read, as only Willow Rose can deliver it.

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Category: Suspense


A Richer Dust Concealed

by R P Nathan

When a young backpacker buys an old book in Rome in 1992, little does he know that it contains clues to a treasure that has been hunted for four centuries. Set in three time periods in vivid locations, readers have called this book “A pleasure”, “Riveting”, “Gripping” with “Compelling characters.” A mesmerising historical mystery thriller.

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Category: Mystery – Historical


Lucy’s Coming For You

by Ashley Beegan

Strange things start to happen to Mental Health Advocate, Summer Thomas, when a violent patient disappears from a locked hospital ward. Summer starts to see the patient everywhere, even in her own bedroom. Yet according to the hospital, the patient never existed. And how do you protect yourself from someone who doesn’t exist?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


Million Dollar Staircase: A Florida Thriller (Will Harper Mystery Series Book 1) Kindle Edition

by David Crosby

This irresistible Florida mystery opens with a bang and never stops: “Start the boat! We’ve got to get rid of this body.”

That’s Will Harper speaking, ex-journalist, budding detective, and very very good friend, thinking fast when he discovers his girl friend’s the victim of a frame-up. He sees instantly why they can’t go to the cops—the mayor, the city manager, and for all Will knows, every official in town could be in on it.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators


The Betrayal

by Cole Baxter

Erin is starting over on a remote island when she meets Dominic. He’s pushy and won’t take no for an answer. Even worse, Erin’s abusive ex has been released from prison.
Her terror increases when it becomes clear there is a killer on the island.
Attempting to find the killer, she stumbles across the deadly secret at the heart of her new home.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological