Special Access

by Mark A. Hewitt

Hunter Thriller #1 of 5. Duncan Hunter, a retired Marine Corps fighter pilot, flies a top-secret airplane with his mentor, Greg Lynche, the sometimes über-liberal retired CIA Chief of Air Branch. Together, in their quiet airplane, they execute some of the CIA’s most sensitive airborne counterterrorism missions under a Special Access Program.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

The Death Of A Celebrity Chef (Gripping Detective Novel Series Book 1)

by Kee Patterbee

★★★★★ “Smart, Quirky, and a thrill ride!”★★★★★
★★★★★”A romantic – crime – comedy !” ★★★★★

Hannah a former retired FBI agent uses her gift to solve mysteries and crimes. Her nickname is “Sherlock” because she solves the most difficult cases. She has a new case and a mind of her own, that’s the problem. The cute cop thinks she shouldn’t be involved in the case.

Hannah finds a trail of concealed documents, false alibi’s, corruption and a hasty autopsy. With the help of a trained dog named “Critic” and her brave friends, she is able to piece The Celebrity Chef Death.

Now she must find the answers to two questions:
1. What really happened to Julia Karas?
2. And more importantly, why was the Chef in the water.

Meet Hannah today in the 1st book of this series.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Billionaire Chef (Gripping Detective Novel Series Book 2)

by Kee Patterbee

★★★★★Romantic Funny & Fast Paced★★★★★
★★★★★An Action Packed Read★★★★★

Lots of family humor – 1st love shenanigans

This amazing mystery crime mystery comedy continues tracing the lives of Hannah & Hymnal Miles that started in Book 1 of the series.

Hannah called “Sherlock” is a former retired FBI agent uses her gift to solve mysteries and crimes that are her passion.

Hannah arrives at a gourmet convention where she will lecture. She invites her new love as well as her Grandparents to meet him.

Seeking out a fellow speaker, she arrives at his hotel alarmed to find him lying on the street. Police say he fell from his room balcony.

Noticing he is in a state of confusion and helplessness, she kneels to speak to him. He opens his eyes and says one word – ‘Dahlia’.

The police tell her this case is off-limits to her. Her gut tells her some black-market thugs came after his mushrooms he calls diamonds.

A mysterious man is involved and is not who he claims to be?

As for her problems, she must deal with her grandparents, juggle the obstacles of a new romantic relationship, keep her hospitalized friend alive, all while avoiding getting herself killed.

Now she must find the answers to two questions:

Who is behind the attempt on Elias’ life? And more importantly…
Why did the gourmet keep his diamonds in the kitchen.

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A New Place, Another Murder

by Christa Nardi

Settled into her new home with Brett and his daughter, Sheridan longs for something to keep her busy. That is, until Maddie and her new friend are framed for theft and murder. Not quite the distraction she had hoped for, but she’ll turn over every rock to prove their innocence. In the process, she learns about the powerful Buchanan family and the history of the local community. Will the truth come out before the person calling the shots takes Sheridan and Maddie out of the picture?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

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