The Mirror Box

by Jane Swift

Trust no one. Not even yourself. After elite dominatrix Eve Selway steals a fortune from a client she is abducted, drugged and held prisoner by a faceless government agency with a sinister agenda: she’ll be killed if she refuses to impersonate the dead twin sister she never knew she had… Reality and illusion blur vividly in this mesmerizingly mind-bending thriller.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


by Craig Keffeler

“A high-octane thriller, combining insurance scams and drug cartels, chock-full of well-planned sequences, evasive actions, and near misses.” –Sublime Book Review

Meet Angel—smart, willful, a lover of animals. She is also one of the Cartel del Noreste’s most lethal hitters, but this time she has met her match. His name is Dr. Ernest L. Girard and he’s a man who has everything—upbringing, looks, gifted surgical skills. He is also an admitted drug user, gambler, and the prime suspect in the largest medical malpractice scam ever investigated in California.

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Category: Thrillers – Assassinations

Hidden: A Bloom in Waiting

by Pyper James

When Vivica Meadows returns to her sleepy little hometown of Dahlonega, Georgia, and opens a mobile flower shop, she has no idea her first delivery will involve murder. Discovering the body makes Vivica the prime suspect. It will take all of her amateur sleuthing skills, along with those of her best friend, Winnie Baxter and Vivica’s hound dog, Maximus, to get Vivica out of this pickle. Things for Vivica had not been great in the big city, and returning to Dahlonega was bittersweet. Vivica was determined to make a go of it in the place she loved. But, will Vivica’s new beginning come to a tragic end before it even gets started? Find out in Hidden: Prequel to the Black Orchid Mystery Series.

This is the PREQUEL to the Black Orchid Mystery Series.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Violets & Venom

by Pyper James

Princeton Wyatt is dead. Vivica Meadows, the new owner of The Black Orchid Flower Shop is the one who found him. In a panic, Vivica doesn’t realize she is the primary suspect. If she didn’t have sleuthing skills before, Vivica will need them to get herself out of the mess she finds herself in. With the help of Aunt Mildred, best friend Winifred and her ever faithful hound Maximus, Vivica fight to find out who the real killer is. Being back in her hometown of Dahlonega Georgia has proven to be more than bittersweet. Will the Black Orchid shop be derailed before it even starts? Will Vivica find herself behind bars? Find out in Venom and Violets, Book two in the Black Orchid Mystery Series.

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Involuntary Turnover

by Cheri Baker

When Kat’s coworker is murdered in the medical records department she’s dismayed to see that the police seem more interested in blaming the victim than following the evidence. With help from the victim’s friends and family, Kat begins an investigation of her own. But if she isn’t careful she’ll be leaving the hospital forever, in a body bag!

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Category: Mystery – Series

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