To Hell in a Handbasket

by Willow Rose

From the Queen of Scream comes a novel that will raise the hair on the back of your neck.

To the neighbors, they’re sweet old ladies. To Tim Robertson, they’re his worst nightmare

Not every grandmotherly type bakes cookies.

What’s more frightening than finding out that the kindly old ladies living across the street from you are anything but?

As a child, Tim Robertson is selling cookies with his best friend Damien when they knock on the door of the house across the street from him. Two old ladies open the door and Tim never sees his best friend again.

Twenty years later, Tim has tried to move on and forget what happened back then. He is married, has a son, and just bought the house of his dreams in small town Cocoa Beach. When the house across the street from them is sold, they are all looking forward to getting new neighbors, until Tim realizes the old ladies are back to haunt him and the rest of the town.

To Hell in a Handbasket is Willow Rose, when she is at her most horrifying. Every page of this book is oozing with dread, and this novel stands shoulder to shoulder with the very best of Koontz and King. Anyone who has read a Willow Rose book knows it’s harder to put the book down than to just finish it.

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Category: Suspense


Graceless : A Tropical Authors Novella

by Wayne Stinnett, John H. Cunningham, Nick Sullivan, Nicholas Harvey

A lifelong dream becomes a nightmare…

When his wife Grace and their new sailboat go missing, Nathan Fitzgerald will do anything and everything to get her back.

Nathan, a high school football coach in the Florida Keys, is in way over his head. Turning to strangers when authorities are reluctant to help, he begins a frantic international hunt.

Buckle up, as Graceless takes you on an exhilarating chase around the Caribbean with twists and turns at every stop. Written in four parts by four best-selling Tropical Authors, the story plunges Nathan into the worlds of each author’s characters in a desperate search for Grace.

Whether you’re new to these fan-favorites, or an old friend along for the ride, you’ll love seeing them band together in this tropical action and adventure thriller:

Jesse McDermitt retired from the Marine Corps and moved to the Florida Keys, where he started a charter diving and fishing business. The 21-volume Caribbean Adventure Series chronicles Jesse’s life, as he and his friends find trouble under every rock and coral ledge.

Buck Reilly, a world renowned archaeologist, turned treasure hunter who lost everything and moved to Key West where he now operates Last Resort Charter and Salvage aboard antique flying boats.

Hop on board, hang on tight, and enjoy the ride with the Buck Reilly Caribbean adventure series.

Boone Fischer and Emily Durand, a nomadic duo of divemaster’s plunged into danger across different Caribbean islands. Dive into action and adventure with The Deep Series.

AJ Bailey and Nora Sommer from Nicholas Harvey’s gripping tropical mysteries set in the beautiful Cayman Islands.

Discover more from these two reluctant heroines in the AJ Bailey Adventure and Nora Sommer Caribbean Suspense series.

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Category: Suspense


Jingle Bells, Rifle Shells

by Bruce Hammack

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…Rifle Shells?

Blind private investigator Steve Smiley and his partner hear a rifle shot. Hordes of Christmas shoppers scatter. A famous big-game hunter drops to the sidewalk. They grab the beautiful teen who was arguing with the man and flee to safety. The girl, the victim’s adopted daughter, has one passionate request: find her birth parents.

Smiley and McBlythe’s search intertwines with the murder investigation again and again—and uncovers a shocking secret. Like it or not, they must first identify the killer in order to discover the truth about the teen’s adoption.

A host of suspects line up like Santa’s reindeer. Can the determined investigators tie a ribbon on the case? Will this be the best Christmas ever—or will death and heartache be the only presents under the tree?

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

Pistols And Poinsettias

by Bruce Hammack

Steve isn’t celebrating Christmas… he’s trying to survive it.

When blind PI Steve Smiley’s partner secures an invitation for them to teach at a mystery writers’ conference, what promises to be a welcome December escape turns into a tidal wave of mysteries to solve.

Steve and Heather walk into the midst of a raging civil war between two factions of the writers’ group. When they agree to locate a missing author slated to be the next organization president, they find themselves plunged into the midst of the battle. Before they can solve that mystery, another one lands at their feet, along with a dead body.

With Steve’s reputation on the line, he and Heather make a plan to unravel the mysteries and expose the murderer. But the killer has a plan too. Steve’s no longer worried about enduring another lonely Christmas… this year he just wants to survive it.

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