Who’s Killing the Alchemy Winery?

by Jon Spoelstra

The bride died drinking the most expensive wine in the world at a fabulous wedding.

Somebody was knocking off Alchemy Winery’s best customers, one by one.

Charlie and Ben step in. They don’t know wine, but they know murderers.

This sixth adventure of Charlie and Ben is clever, intriguing, full of old-guy charm, and just plain fun to read.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

The Seer

by Eva Shaw

Beatrix Patterson is a fake psychic, a hustler and now America’s only hope to stop the Nazi invasion of New Orleans. British-Chinese scientist, Thomas Ling naively becomes a courier for a secret treaty. Together they face murderers, kidnappers and a plot to overthrow America. Will anyone believe a liar and her colleague a possible traitor?

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Category: Mystery – Historical

So Close But So Far Away

by Kelly Allegretti

Set in the 90s in San Francisco. June is a single mom raising her son in the heart of the mission. Her son Brooklyn is a sweet kid who has some challenges since he uses a walker and has diabetes. His grandmother, who has dementia kidnaps him one day right off the school bus. Along with two dangerous men. Beverley is playing out an event from her past. Now June and her ex-husband Stuart are thrust into the role of amateur detective. Will they be able to find Brooklyn before something bad happens to him?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths