Eyes of the Predator: A Hunters Series Thriller

by Glenn Trust

There was terror in her eyes … He smiled.
He could be anyone. He looks like everyone. He looks like … us.
Within hours a backwater south Georgia county will be rocked by two seemingly unrelated murders that signal the arrival of a serial killer in the rural Southland. Hunting the killer and preventing the next brutal murder falls to a plainspoken country deputy and two agents of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

The Desperation of Marla Adams (The Creation of Marla Adams Book 2)

by Patrick Hanford

Marla Adams embarks on a relentless quest to save her husband after an attempted murder. Plunging into the murky world of experimental medicine, she places her faith in a disgraced doctor’s unorthodox stem cell therapy, gambling everything on the promise of a miraculous cure. But the doctor has his own hidden agenda and places all in jeopardy.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical

Intent: In the Shadows

by Krista Wagner

When a pastor’s daughter is pursued by a stalker, she must hold tightly to her faith as the menacing presence closes in.

Raylee, a pastor’s daughter, just wants to get through the last two years of high school. But it’s not easy when you’re an outsider. Or when the most popular girl in school’s goal is to make your life miserable.

Or when someone starts to STALK you. . .

When classmate Paul befriends Raylee, she is determined to ignore Crystal’s ploys. And when new student Billy arrives, Raylee finds herself drawn to his mysterious side. But Crystal is determined too, and she will do whatever it takes to keep him from Raylee and to ensure that the rest of Raylee’s high school years remain angst-ridden.

Raylee must cling to her FAITH in God more than ever, because someone lurks in the shadows, watching her, leaving scary clues, someone who wants to set her on edge. But why? Is it Crystal and her clique, or worse, someone she trusts?

Exclusive Edition: Over 60 pages of deleted scenes!

Book #1 is a clean mystery suspense appropriate for young adult and up.

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