Disquiet at the Dive Shack: Murder at the Bed & Breakfast

by Donna Amis Davis

A murder in paradise. Shelby is at it again.

The tourists at a charming bed & breakfast on Palawan Island are in for a surprise when a fellow guest is murdered. All the vacationers are exhibiting strange behaviors. Everyone is on the list of suspects.

Shelby is on the case, investigating the guests and watching everyone closely, trying to gain all their little secrets. But with all the twists and turns, it gets increasingly difficult.

You’ll meet an intriguing mix of hilarious and touching characters, and encounter moments both bitter and sweet. Lots of emotions, banter, and suspense keep the story rolling along.

Disquiet at the Dive Shack is a heart-warming beach community mystery read. You’ll find it hard to put down.

The third book in the Dive Shack Mysteries, Disquiet at the Dive Shack is a clean, cozy mystery with a tropical twist. If you like gorgeous locations, tantalizing things to eat, fluffy cats and scruffy dogs, and a host of people who feel like friends, you’ll love this story. It is great as a standalone, but you will enjoy reading the whole fun series.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Missing Taylor

by RC Cameron

Can a South Florida Private investigator, an illegal drug user himself, bring down a drug-trafficking ring? After a career in law enforcement, Jason Tanner retires to South Florida after losing his wife to cancer. He moves aboard his new yacht and plans to conduct private investigations to keep active.
A missing person case lands at his steps that will take him to Miami Beach amongst the surfers and discover a drug manufacturing ring covering the state with opioids. The leader is an old nemesis from his FBI days, and he intends to catch him once and for all. The Florida Keys harbors a gang of traffickers involved in the manufacturing of Fentanyl, a deadly drug.
Even a rogue detective tries to interfere in the investigation. Tanner is the target of a few goons who will try to eliminate him wherever he travels.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

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