Exile Endgame

by Preston Fleming

In EXILE ENDGAME, sequel to EXILE HUNTER, renegade State Security Officer Warren Linder returns to London nearly a decade after his escape from a Yukon labor camp. Now a leader of the exiled opposition against America’s totalitarian regime, Linder learns of a new resistance group called the League that has emerged as a rival to the mainstream opposition.

As the League’s strength grows and Linder sees his own chances of overturning the regime decline, he hatches a desperate plan to test the League, putting his life and the entire exile movement at risk.

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Category: Thrillers – Political

The Mentor

by Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli

What if someone you love is a serial killer?

DCI Eric Shaw, leading a forensic team at Scotland Yard, together with DI Miriam Leroux from a Murder Investigation Team, is investigating the death of a known offender. Killed by two gunshots: one to his neck, execution style, but preceded by another to his groin, implying a more personal motive.
Shaw’s attention at work is often distracted by a young forensic investigator, Adele Pennington, who is a beautiful woman over two decades his junior. However, his attraction to her is unreciprocated.
Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the London police, an anonymous blog describes the details of a very similar crime. The author of the blog signs herself as Mina, like one of the victims in a case Shaw investigated many years ago.

Twenty years ago Eric saved her.
Who will save him now?

Meet DCI Eric Shaw . . . and his pupil.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


by Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli

What is the difference between dedication and obsession?
While investigating the murder of two known offenders with connections to a notorious, recently escaped London drug trafficker, the Scotland Yard forensic team headed by DCI Eric Shaw becomes involved in a child abuse case. A nurse had accused a mother of a series of violent, feverish attacks on her ten-year-old son, Jimmy. The woman would exasperate the condition of her child to draw the attention and compassion of health workers at the hospital.
Eric learned of this accusation by chance because he is dating Catherine Foulger, the pediatrician looking after the child. She is an old flame, and he is seeing her again in the hope of putting some order back in his life after discovering the identity of the serial killer nicknamed Black Death.
But this is a relationship his former partner, Adele Pennington, has not really accepted.

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Saving Mozart

by Victor Boda

A doctor obsessed with his patient. A soldier on a dangerous mission. A girl on a quest to save the boy of her dreams. When their worlds collide, will each of them survive?

Michael Finch, an army psychiatrist, must determine whether Alex, a Delta Force commando who went missing in the caves of Tora Bora, is telling the truth. Seventy-two hours after the mission’s start, Alex was found unconscious at a gravesite nearby, the rest of his team having vanished without a trace. He was airlifted to the Bagram Air Base and subsequently transported to Fort Drum in upstate New York, where he spent twenty-nine days in a coma. On awakening, he claimed to have travelled back in time to save Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from early death. As Michael delves deeper into his patient’s twisted psyche, he inches ever closer to discovering the shocking truth.

“Each succeeding chord is a dagger stuck in the nest of happiness inside me. Each note pierces deeper, until I hit the ultimate one. My hands drop. Tears are streaming down my cheeks. My body is vibrating with unknown joy. I feel God inside me. Not the angry one, the other. The god of love.”

A fast-paced historical thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat until the very last page!

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Category: Thrillers – Historical