Murder on Oak Street

by I. M. Foster

It’s 1904, and when murder strikes a peaceful Long Island village, newly arrived coroner’s assistant Daniel O’Halleran is convinced it’s connected to the two-year-old crime local librarian Kathleen Brissedon has recently asked him to look into, a crime he’d originally investigated as a New York City coroner’s physician. His findings had been discarded at the time, but now Daniel believes they may hold the key to this recent murder. Can he unravel the puzzle before it’s too late, or will murder shake the peaceful village once more?

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Category: Mystery – Historical

Body at the Crossroads

by Cate Martin

When her mother dies after a long illness, Ingrid Torfa must sell the family home to cover the medical bills. Her career as a book illustrator not yet exactly launched, Ingrid faces two options: live in her battered old Volkswagen, or go back to her mother’s small town in northern Minnesota.
The small town that still haunts her dreams more than a decade since she last visited it. Or rather, not the town but the grandmother.
All of the drawings she fills notebooks with witches and the trolls that do their bidding? Not as whimsical in her nightmares as she sketches them in the bright light of day.
If not for her beloved cat Mjolner, living in the Volkswagen just might tempt her.
But the cat wants four walls and a door, so north she goes. And finds trouble in the form of a dead body before she even finds her grandmother’s little town. How much can a town of stoic fishermen possibly be hiding?
As Ingrid is about to find out, quite a lot.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Cold Kid Case (A Sparky of Bunker Hill Mystery Book 1)

by Rosalind Barden

Mobsters, Movie Stars, Murder! Follow the zany misadventures of street punk Sparky as she tackles crime in 1930s noir LA. Enjoy this fun, first-in-series mystery. #1 Amazon New Release and Firebird Book Award 1st Place Cozy Mystery!

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives

The Valley Of Lost Children

by David Barbur

It starts with a footprint. It ends with a murder.

Wildlife tracker and survival expert Tye Caine just wants to live in the woods and be left alone, but a killer haunts the misty forests of the Pacific Northwest. When someone attempts to abduct a child, and a local resident is murdered, Tye is drawn into a web of hidden secrets and madness.

Soon he finds himself teamed up with a motley crew of the local librarian, a retired detective, and a local blacksmith with a secret.

First, they try to separate the truth from lies, then find themselves just trying to survive.

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Category: Mystery – Series

Dead In The Water

by Jake Grenier

Finn Lawson has dreams of becoming a marine biologist, so when he moves to the small town of Cape May on the Jersey coast before his senior year starts, he imagines his aspirations are only beginning to come true. However, when Finn befriends Theo Moore, a mysterious and revered lifeguard, he’s catapulted into the scrutiny of the town alongside Theo, where petty rumors of Theo run rampant, but Theo isn’t what everybody says he is. But as their friendship blurs the lines, Theo suddenly disappears and a bodiless crime scene rocks the small town. When the crime scene implies that Theo was murdered, the entire town are suspects. Rocked with grief and unanswered questions, Finn sets his sights on finding out who took Theo away from him. Sensitive, yet clever, Finn knows how to get the answers he’s looking for. With the help of Theo’s friend Jada, a cunning and inquisitive girl who knows her way around a mystery, they decide to take matters into their own hands. As Finn and Jada dive into the secrets and depths of Cape May to find out who was out to kill their friend, they get trapped in a game of cat and mouse, as the killer sets their sights on the duo instead, and will stop at nothing to keep their identity a secret.

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Category: Mystery – LGBT