Every Last Breath

by Juno Rushdan

48 hours. 2 covert operatives. 1 chance to get it right. Maddox Kinkade manages the impossible for a clandestine agency. Tasked with neutralizing a lethal bioweapon, she must recruit the last person she expected to see again: her presumed-dead lover. Cole Matthews can’t forget or forgive her role in a tragedy that ruined his life. Enlisting Cole’s help may be mission impossible, but Maddox will do whatever it takes. Soon they’re set on a deadly collision course with a world-class killer who has a game-changing secret. The clock is ticking in this “heart-pounding James Bond-ian adventure” (Kirkus Reviews).

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Category: Thrillers – Assassinations


A Fresh Brew: A Dragon Cozy Mystery

by Verena DeLuca

Welcome to Aconite Café, where dragons, coffee, and snark, are today’s special.

Hailey Morton has just become the sole owner of Aconite Café. Upon her aunt’s death, Hailey also inherited her cat.

Only Azure is no cat. He is actually a dragon, and Hailey has just inherited the position of Dragon Protector alongside the deed to the café.

If her world turning upside down wasn’t enough, Azure is convinced Hailey’s aunt was actually murdered. The sheriff and his deputy are oblivious, which means it’s up to her to solve the mystery. All while running the café.

Will Hailey bring her aunt’s murderer to justice? Can she learn to run Aconite Café? Does she have what it takes to be a Dragon Protector?

A Fresh Brew is the first book in the Hill Country Mysteries series of full-length, snarky, dragon cozy mystery novels.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Missouri Loves Company

by W.J. Costello

Former U.S. marshal Rip Lane lives in a motor home. He is a drifter. His only desire is to explore the country he once protected. But trouble seems to find him in every small town and every big city along the way. In Missouri he picks up a beautiful hitchhiker with a duffel full of secrets. When the woman disappears at a bus station Rip finds himself the target of mobsters. But targeting Rip is always a mistake. Because he never backs down. And he always exacts his own brand of revenge.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage


Guardians of Illusion

by Edita A. Petrick

Ambrosia Severn has it all: accolades, success, prestige, and privilege. A renowned surgeon with a sharp mind and the recognition of her peers, she finds herself at the peak of success when a mysterious, dangerous figure enters her life and confronts her with a terrifying ultimatum—give it all up, or die.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime


Prayers for Evil: A Novel

by P.G. Smith

Evil strikes a small Maine village as mysterious accidents befall its residents. Newcomer, Chris Murphy, arrives in town with his little daughter after his marriage falls apart. Seeking a fresh start in life, he settles into a new home and new career responsibilities. Soon he makes new friends in town and is unexpectedly engulfed in a steamy, intense romance. But a long dormant ancient curse, rooted in Dark Ages mysticism, New England’s bloody past, and Nazi terror, lashes out and threatens those Chris loves most. With only the aid of a most unlikely partner, can Chris save his loved ones in time?

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Category: Suspense


Cold Comfort

by Trevor Douglas

How do you catch a killer who never leaves a clue?
Bridgette Cash is a rookie detective working her first murder case. The circumstances surrounding the murder of a young woman lead her to believe it’s the work of a serial killer, but nobody is listening. Convinced the killer will strike again shortly, can Bridgette find enough evidence to catch the killer before another young woman is murdered?

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


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