Fear No Truth (The Faith McClellan Series Book 1)

by LynDee Walker

As Texas Ranger Faith McClellan investigates a young woman’s murder, she must solve a puzzle of lies and overcome powerful enemies.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

The Queen

by A.M. Pascarella

A crypto influencer lured to her death.
A circle of supposedly close friends eager to move on.
A father recently released from prison hell bent on revenge.
Jasmine Olivera called herself the Queen of Crypto. Then someone shot her twice through the window of her white Porsche. With no witnesses or physical evidence, Detective Maria Varela digs into the details of Jasmine’s life. She finds a reality much different from the carefully tended social media image and suspects who seem pathetically shallow but are actually disturbingly devious.
Finding Jasmine’s killer is hard enough.
Closing the case before an angry father closes it for her might be impossible.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

An Empty Tree: A Journey Series Suspense Thriller, #1

by Glenn Trust

Her blue eyes were luminous. They saved her life… for a while.
Four people begin a journey. It will lead them to a deadly meeting on a country road beside an Iowa cornfield. Along the way, a mystery unravels through twists and turns that have you wondering who the “good guys and bad guys” are. The final encounter leaves no doubt that things are not always as they appear.

The first book in The Journey Series, An Empty Tree is a hard-boiled, suspenseful thriller that takes the reader on a winding journey and a look into human nature.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

The Florida Shuffle:

by David Crosby


In his fourth adventure, intrepid reporter Will Harper uncovers a deadly scam in the rehab business. Living on his yacht with Callie, a rehab center social worker, Harper’s life shatters when Callie discovers shady sober homes. As Will delves into this dark world, uncovering Miami gangs and murder, Callie disappears. Racing against time, Harper navigates a maze of corruption. For fans of John D. MacDonald, Dawn McKenna, and Wayne Stinnett, Will Harper is the seafaring hero in a perilous journey through love, deception, and Florida’s chaotic underworld.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Forget Me Not

by Marie Sibbons

Judy is nervous about being alone over Christmas with nothing but an eerie sensation to keep her company. Then she discovers a box of old letters hidden in the attic of her rented house, the house that used to belong to Bertha Lloyd. The fifty-year-old letters reveal what life was like for two sisters living in war-torn Britain. The words of Eveline and Bertha help pass the solitary hours.
But now Judy is missing, and nobody knows where she is. Or do they? Everybody has a secret, but some secrets are dangerous to those not meant to know them. They are best left hidden away.

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Category: Suspense