The Art Merchant

by J.K. Flynn

Sex, booze & murder investigations… Detective Sergeant Esther Penman is a bit of a mess. She drinks too much. She sleeps around. She has trouble following orders. But it’s her tenacity that’s about to get Esther into the biggest trouble of all…

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

The Deep Blue Crush

by Clint Hollingsworth

ACTION THRILLER. Forest fires, deep-sea diving, exploding buildings, and a crazy government operative. No refunds on this tropical vacation! Mac Crow turns Magnum P.I., taking his survival skills to the tropical islands. FAST-PACED ACTION AND INFUSION OF WILDERNESS SURVIVAL WITH THE THRILLER GENRE. For fans of John D. MacDonald.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Twelve Years Gone

by KJ Kalis

Twelve years gone…
Sarah Schmidt went out for a hike a month before heading to college on a cross-country scholarship. She never came back.
In the twelve years she’s been gone, the local police have done little to help the family, leaving them with the desperate knowledge that Sarah could still be alive, somewhere, somehow…
The family hasn’t given up their hope for revenge, or at least answers.
Emily Tizzano, a former Chicago PD cold case detective suffering from painful skeletons in her past, holds the hope of the family in her hands. Can she overcome her own history in order to help them find Sarah and get the justice they need?

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Category: Mystery – African American

True Crime Storytime Volume 6: 12 Disturbing True Crime Stories to Keep You Up All Night

by M. Moore

Two college students have gone missing. Were they sacrificed by a satanic cult? Or were they victims of a serial killer? A woman is dead and naked on a beach. No hands and no identity. And no idea who did it. In this true crime anthology, you’re going to explore more insane stories that gave the police sleepless nights.

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Category: Suspense