In the Space of an Atom

by Bruce M. Perrin

Jeremy Reynolds has been listless for a while. First, his girlfriend dumped him and he was in a funk. Then, he quit his job. Yes, Jeremy was doing little and caring less. But recently, he has found something that energizes him, something that gives him direction. It’s called, running for his life. And after he accidentally involves beautiful Diane Stapleton, MD, the two of them match wits with the killer in chases that take them where no one else has been—in the space of an atom.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

Deadly Traffic: A Florida Thriller

by David Crosby

David Crosby’s latest thriller delves into a gritty underbelly of modern-day slavery. Reporter Will Harper’s informant is a Guatemalan immigrant: she and her siblings were held captive by the smugglers they paid to help them enter the country. The network of bad guys includes farmers, coyotes, and mobsters who sell refugees for back-breaking labor.

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Category: Thrillers – Political

Skip Langdon Vol. 1-9: (The Skip Langdon Series)

by Julie Smith

Follow the remarkably bold, smart, and refreshingly human New Orleans detective Skip Langdon through the twists and turns of New Orleans–from raucous Mardi Gras to the swampy summertime–at she navigates deadly family secrets, tracks down a serial killer, and delves deep into the mastermind of a psychopath unlike any you’ve ever encountered…

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Harry Hunter Mystery Series: Book 1-3

by Willow Rose

This is the first three books in Willow Rose’s electrifying new Harry Hunter Mystery series.

Mystery, love, and action this series has it all.

Detective Harry Hunter of Miami PD’s homicide squad throws himself into a case no one asked him to solve.

Four teenagers from one of Miami’s affluent neighborhoods are murdered on a boat. Another is found dead in a dumpster. All five of them go to the same school and are on a list of witnesses to another crime.

Because he’s in bad standing with his boss, Harry is given the task of protecting a possible future victim, but Harry isn’t always known to follow his boss’s orders.

Soon, he’ll risk everything while racing to stop a killer who has left everyone else in the homicide squad shaking in terror.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

A Hustler Among Us

by Frank Simmons

He started in Washington, D.C. above Dupont Circle selling marijuana to hippies and federal government employees. Years later he would sell a heart and a set of lungs to a United States Senator who needed the organs for survival. Hal Hammond nurtured the enterprises into a cauldron of talented, youthful men, sharing the wealth and living the glamorous life.
In Brighton Beach, New York they established the Russian community in legal and illegal entities. Vlädie Nescheff was the most powerful Russian leading underworld figure in New York and Boris Antonoff, one of the wealthiest industrial tycoons in the world. Has Hal Hammond met his match? Hal and his boys travel between Florida and Brazil with the Russians not far behind them in this action-filled story!

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime



It’s the punch you don’t see coming that drops you. Any fighter can tell you that. And Mickey Watts isn’t just any fighter; he’s one of the best in mixed martial arts, a top contender who seems to have it all: looks, brains and rich girlfriend who’s crazy about him. The fact his family is mobbed-up to its Irish-Italian eyebrows has never been a problem…until Mick throws one punch too many and finds that some debts can only be paid in blood.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime



When mixed martial artist Mickey Watts returns to New York after three years in exile, he just wants to forget his bloody days with the mob and do what he does best — fight. But when his ex-fiancee is threatened by the same vicious gangsters that ran him out of town, he gets a chance not only to win her back but to settle some old scores in the process. Trouble is, Mick’s not the only one with vengeance on his mind. Because the city that never sleeps, never forgives.

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