Dangerous Deeds

by Beth Prentice

When one door closes, another opens… or falls off its hinges.

They say love is blind. Sure, they weren’t necessarily talking about old houses at the time, but that’s the story I’m sticking with. And I like that theory a whole lot better than the one about me losing my mind…

Dangerous Deeds is the first in a light-hearted romantic mystery series. If you like crazy families, engaging reads & sweet romance, all tied together with a ribbon of danger, then you’ll love this first book in The Westport Mysteries series.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Big Con

by Peter James Ralph

Felicity Lomax has no idea that Alistair Morgan is a conman.
Now she’s staring at bankruptcy and stands to lose her business, her house, and her self-esteem.
Breaking hearts and destroying lives means nothing to Alistair.
All that matters is the euphoric sensation that courses through him after he’s scammed another victim out of their hard-earned cash.
When Felicity begs Josh Kennelly for help to recover her money, he doesn’t have a clue about how he’s going to outwit the conman.
If you like clean-cut heroes and fearless dogs, you won’t be able to put down the addictive Josh Kennelly series.

The Big Con is the fifth book in this high-stakes crime thriller series. You can read it as a standalone novel or part of the gripping Josh Kennelly Crime Thriller series.

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Category: Mystery – African American

The James Macrae Thriller Series, Books 1-3

by Richard D. Ross

A masterful story creation set in the 1980’s and 90’s blending absorbing, tightly plotted fiction with real world history and current political events. Set in England, this volatile story rapidly expands across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. It’s a riveting blend of a family saga, mystery, crime and suspense.
James Macrae is in his early thirties. Strong, tall and fit, he is a loving family man who now finds himself head of his family’s international shipping business. Unknown to him, a rising global superpower has his shipping terminals and his family firmly within their sights. Using all methods of hybrid warfare, such as sabotage, deception, computer malware and other non-military tactics, James’s enemy increases the pressure with vice-like precision.
Facing seemingly insurmountable odds, James races to uncover his hidden enemy to save his family and his business before he loses everything he holds dear.
Blending facts with fiction, Ross has written a novel full of strong and absorbing characters that will draw you further and further into the plot. It’s an accelerating historical fiction story of adversity, conspiracy, and treachery leading to a shocking finale.
Discover the world right now of James Macrae in this special boxset offer of 3 books; ‘The Hybrid Enemy’; ‘Eye of the Hybrid Storm’ and the newly released – ‘The Cobweb Enigma’.
You will not be disappointed.

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Category: Suspense