Helix: Episode 1

by Nathan M. Farrugia

A genetically-enhanced operative’s deadly mission will lead her to a startling conspiracy in this riveting read.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


Target Practice Mysteries 1 & 2

by Nikki Haverstock

Di has a new job, and an unexpected side gig as an amateur sleuth. Target Practice Mysteries is a funny cozy mystery series about starting over again, taking wild chances, and being adopted by a dog named Moo. Heartwarming and sweet with a slow-burn romance!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Sky’s Shadow

by Ted Galdi

A New York City firefighter with a distrust for law enforcement goes on a vigilante mission after his sister’s mysterious murder in California. Enjoy the thrill ride alongside him. From an Amazon #1 bestselling author. Perfect for fans of Jack Reacher.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Pretty Corpse

by Linda Berry

When a series of female assault victims are found unconscious and posed as corpses, it sends a shockwave through the city of San Francisco. The latest attack is intensely personal to Patrol Officer Lauren Starkley. Not only did she find the victim, but the girl is one of her daughter’s best friends. Lauren feels compelled to do some off-duty investigation. The perpetrator is keenly intelligent and methodical, but Lauren finds evidence missed by the detectives. She earns official trouble for her effort, but the warnings from her superiors don’t keep her from tugging at elusive clues. As she gets closer, the predator takes notice. Taunting Lauren, he demonstrates that he can get close to her, and to her daughter, without a trace. Stressed and sleep-deprived, she is determined to bring him down. But can she succeed before she, or her daughter, become his next victim?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


A Sultan’s Folly

by Phillip Dowsett

Jason Mclean, an Australian born Anthropologist, is recruited as a consultant to a project in India. He takes with him two mystical artefacts originally from the sub-continent, hoping to find out more about their past. Local myths about the mysterious objects begin to unfold into real truths. Jason, together with Vijay, a local farmer from a nearby village, begin to uncover a web of intrigue surrounding the artefacts, including a lost secret room containing an even greater treasure. In their search they must decipher ancient riddles and avoid dangerous traps, set in place by a Sultan from the distant past. Two strangers also seek the objects and watch Jason’s every move, including his close friendship with Vijay. The pursuers implement a last-ditch plan to steal the objects from Jason, and caught in their deadly trap, the mastermind behind the whole plot appears. Now Jason must use all his skills to outwit his captors by relying on his knowledge of one last secret riddle, to save himself and Vijay from certain death.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime


Ghost of a Chance

by Eric Wilder

Love action and adventure? A rainy night in east Texas ends in murder. Ghost of a Chance, Book 1 of Eric Wilder’s wildly entertaining Paranormal Cowboy Series. Buckle up!

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


The Last Roman: Exile

by B.K. Greenwood

Marcus realizes he cannot be killed—but that won’t stop him from dying time and again over the next 2,000 years.

Seasoned imperial officer Marcus Sempronius Gracchus leads the 9th Roman Legion into a bloody battle against a fierce barbarian rival. It’s a battle he won’t survive.

When he awakens three days later, clawing his way from a hastily dug grave, Marcus must face the reality of his new existence. Burdened with a debt he cannot pay, is he cursed to walk the Earth without end?

But others like Marcus plan to bring the world crashing to its knees. Can he prevent the inevitable and find redemption?

The Last Roman: Exile lies somewhere between fantasy, historical drama, and a techno-thriller. Don’t miss the debut novel from B.K. Greenwood, and part one of an exciting new trilogy that will have fans of Highlander and Jason Bourne on the edge of their seats.

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Category: Thrillers – Historical


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