The Connecticut Corpse Caper (Triple Threat Mysteries Book 1)

by Tyler Colins

For over two hundred years, the Rye Empire outlawed the use of magic. Now, the empire has fallen and a new, sinister power is rising.

Ambitious and corrupt, The Mountain King will stop at nothing to reach his goals. Enslaving a sorceress to do his bidding, he begins his hunt for lost talismans that can help him bring the wizards back, and harness their power.

To save the Old Empire from this growing, sinister magic, seventeen-year-old farm boy Mykal and his friends begin a desperate journey: they must collect the talismans before the Mountain King. On their way, Mykal will have to face fears and accept truths he never knew existed.

A war is coming, and their time is running out. And if they fail, a terrible darkness will steal the light from the Grey Ashland Realm… forever.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Till Death Do Us Part

by J.S.Ellis

Abigail thought she achieved the ultimate fairy tale.

Handsome movie star meets small-island hotel employee and sweeps her away to his glorious Hollywood mansion. Everything about Carson Levin seems too good to be true… until she steps inside his home.

Every inch of it is just as his sex symbol wife, Taira Anderson, left it before her fatal car accident. But the oddities don’t end there.

A presence wanders the halls.
High heels clicking over the floor.
Mysterious splashes in the pool.
The bath filling with water without a soul in sight.

Something or someone is trying to send Abigail a message. But is it a warning… or a threat?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

At This Point in My Life

by Frank Zafiro

Jack “Mac” McCrae is about to retire. Without children or any family, he looks back over his career and his life and finds himself wondering what, if any, impact he’s had on this world.

Then a young woman reappears with a photograph of her mother — and his old lover — and an unknown child that might be her sister…and his daughter.

Mac agrees to accompany her to a small town in Oregon to get to the bottom of this mystery. Who is the little girl in the photograph? Is she his daughter? And where is she now?

But Mac discovers that no one in this small town wants to answer or even acknowledge these questions. He will have to find a way to overcome the stranglehold that the Tate family has on the town and work his way to the truth about who the little girl is, even if it kills him.

The first book in Jack McCrae mystery series.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

Bright Lies

by AA Abbott

He stole her childhood. Can she escape before he takes her life?

Emily longs to be an artist. Her dream comes true when her new stepfather, a rich painter, begins mentoring her. To her horror, Emily finds he’s not what he seems, and sheer fear sends her fleeing his fancy home.

After facing worse dangers in a night on the streets, Emily accepts shelter in a squat. Building a future as an artist, she’s terrified to learn her stepfather has turned to the media to hunt her down. With a tempting reward at stake, can she trust her new friends to help her survive?

If you enjoy nail-biting suspense, slow-burning secrets and dark domestic noir, you’ll love AA Abbott’s chilling psychological thriller.

Read BRIGHT LIES today and stay by Emily’s side as she runs for her life!

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Duckett & Dyer: Dicks For Hire

by GM Nair

They’re not detectives, but they have to become detectives in order to figure out who’s telling people they’re detectives. And if they don’t play the part, the concept of existence might ironically just cease to exist.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

American Conspiracy

by M.J. Polelle

The millennial president-elect has been assassinated. Det. Jim Murphy of the Chicago PD gets the blame for a moment of charitable distraction. His shame deepens as his rivalrous brother, who cannot resist rubbing it in, is sent from the Justice Department to investigate. To restore his reputation, Murphy volunteers to investigate the mysterious disappearance of city gangbangers. As he untangles the shocking mystery, Murphy is led to the doorstop of an aging and ailing Sebastian Senex, Senex is a Big Pharma tycoon desperate to cheat dementia and death with grisly experiments off the books. The deepening investigation discovers a political conspiracy with Senex pulling the strings of the web to oust a provisional president he hates and spring a coup over an America in crisis in order to bring back the glory days of America’s past. Murphy and his brother realize they need each other to confront the underground sedition ready to burst forth and take over the country. The old generation must give way to the new. But how far will one man go to hang onto life and grasp power over a country’s future . . . and how far will another go to stop him? The fate of the United States is at stake.

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Category: Thrillers – Political

Welcome to the Punkhorns

by Benjamin Bradley

When three people vanish from the same patch of forest, it looks unlike any case that Detective Delaney Shepard has ever seen in the sleepy beachside village of Brewster, Massachusetts. As she investigates, she soon learns that the scene of their disappearance has been the source of urban legends for centuries. After all, whether they’re true or not, the whole town fears The Punkhorns.

When the case stalls, the town hires Casper Kelly, a specialized private investigator, to bring some order to the chaos that has erupted in the town. Delaney reluctantly teams up with the outsider and prays that he’ll wrap this up quickly. But even Casper has no explanation for this puzzling case.

As they work together to unravel the cryptic evidence left behind, the case takes a dark twist. Then another. Soon, Casper and Delaney suspect that the truth may be far more sinister than any urban legend…

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators