Married to the Mossad

by Shalva Hessel

Sally Amir, an ambitious student at the Technion, relocates to London with her boyfriend, who was sent there for work. Determined to finish her studies while abroad, she receives a scholarship funded by the Swiss billionaire, Pierre Mern. After marrying Jerry, she soon realizes that her husband is not a lowly embassy attaché but an active Mossad agent.
Sally joins an undercover mission to Pakistan as part of Jerry’s cover as a British couple. Then they return to Israel. They are welcomed back with a comfortable life and a promotion. However, after “living on the edge,” Sally is unable to return to her quiet life. She yearns for thrills!
When Sally discovers a plot to defraud the Swiss billionaire who funded her studies as a young woman, she jumps at the opportunity. She calls forth all she learned during her time undercover to face a ruthless enemy bent on destroying anyone in his path.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


by Matthew W. Harrill

Demons don’t always hide in the dark.

As a prison psychologist, Dr. Eva Ross has always dealt with her share of sinners. But when her boss, the brilliant and unorthodox Gideon Homes, begins to make questionable decisions, Eva’s life changes. Between the trials at work and her loveless marriage, Eva is forced out of the life she knows.

After she encounters Madden Scott, a drifter with irascible charm, it quickly becomes clear that all is not what it seems. As everything around her crumbles into a new reality, the secrets that were barely hidden under the surface become a reality.

Their adventure takes them through nightmares and across continents, as they are thrust into the shadowy realm that separates our world… and what lies beneath.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

New Corpse in Town (Secret Seal Isle Mysteries, Book 1)

by Lucy Quinn

FBI agent Cookie James is enjoying her extended leave from the agency on Secret Seal Isle, managing her quaint inn and flirting with the oh-so sexy-handyman, Dylan Creed…until her sixty-year-old mother goes skinny dipping and is almost drowned by a corpse.
A phone call to the sheriff should mean the end of Cookie’s involvement, but when it’s clear the sheriff has no interest in the investigation, Cookie calls in reinforcements…her ex-partner Hunter O’Neil. Suddenly it’s like old times while the pair questions the residents of Secret Seal Isle. Except it’s not. Now she has both Hunter and Dylan vying for her attention, a wayward hippy mother, and a potential killer on the loose.
With her love life heating up, her mother lighting up, and all signs pointing to the most unlikely suspect, Cookie does the only thing she knows to do—focus on solving the case.

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