Monroe Doctrine: Volume I

by James Rosone & Miranda Watson

It was called Jade Dragon…

…and it threatened to destroy the West.

Was an attack on the U.S. imminent?

In a lab deep in the heart of China, a brilliant engineer had a breakthrough. It was the most powerful AI ever created. Ma Young believed the Jade Dragon could solve the world’s most dire challenges. There was just one problem…

The president of China had other ideas.

Was this their chance to conquer?

The war began at the speed of light. The entire NATO alliance stood on the brink of destruction. Cyber-attacks, deepfakes, and a wave of social media disinformation wrought fear and desperation across the globe.

The sleeping giant was awake.

Could Ma stop his creation?

You’ll love this fast-paced techno-military-thriller because we live in a world where this fiction could be truer than we suspect. It will keep you turning the pages.

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Breaking Waves

by Barry Litherland

A childhood tragedy changed their lives forever, but Phil, Wayne and Tina, years after, are still friends, and they’re okay – just. But when Tyrone, Wayne’s murderous brother, returns from prison, everything goes to hell. He’s gets a job with George Mackie – owner of the Lucky Seven night club and local gangster. George has problems too. Incriminating documents have gone missing and he reckons Wayne and Phil know where they are. He wants them before anyone else gets their hands on them, and he’ll do anything to get them. Tyrone sees his chance for revenge. Maybe Mackie’s power base too. Yeah, like I said – all hell let loose.
Book One of the Phil Tyler Crime Thriller series, this is a character driven, first person thriller, Narrated by Phil Tyler, its unlikely local journalist hero, set in an English seaside town Fast paced, full of suspense and laced with dry humour, this is a book which will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very last page – and beyond. Some profanity.

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States of Grace

by Mandy Miller

Disgraced prosecutor and disabled Army veteran Grace Locke is one misstep away from losing her law license for good. Fresh out of jail and living in a no-tell-motel, Grace turns to the dark side, defending the types of criminals she once relished locking up. To make things worse, she’s fighting the opioid addiction that got her in this mess in the first place. With few options left, Grace schemes to defend a trust-fund teen accused of capital murder. But her plan has two flaws. One—Grace believes accused equals guilty. Two—the accused is the daughter of the beauty queen who stole Grace’s husband. When a stunned Grace discovers evidence of her client’s innocence, the race is on to find the real killer, a race that takes her deep inside Florida’s illegal pill mill trade. Will it be too late for Grace to save her young client from the death chamber and herself from ruin?

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Cult of Darkness

by D.W. Whitlock

A seaside paradise. An endless war. Everyone pays in blood.

The cartels in Mexico have splintered, triggering violent conflict over control of the illicit drug trade. One has risen to power above all others with its brutal methods: The Riviera. Led by a shadowy figure known only as Kukulkan, this powerful cartel has become the main source of Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid fifty times more potent than heroin. As mutilated bodies appear on the pristine white sands of local beach communities, investors fear for the worst…their time of peaceful prosperity has come to an end.

When the only son of a wealthy family goes missing in the heart of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Alex Schofield is sent in to find him. A highly trained ex-Delta soldier, he’s the best man for the job. There’s only one catch: he has sworn to never kill again.

Amid the escalating conflict, a darkness grows among the dense forests and Maya ruins. As the search brings Schofield closer, he must confront his own violent past and decide if bloodshed is once again, the only way.

In this riveting adventure thriller, D.W. Whitlock explores the darker aspects of the human soul and the struggle to do what’s right in a shadowy world defined by violence and death.

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After Alice Fell

by Kim Taylor Blakemore

Marion Abbott, a Civil War nurse, returns home to find her sister Alice has died at the asylum to which she was committed — but is it suicide or murder? As Marion untangles family secrets and lies that bind, each step brings her closer to the truth – and even closer to danger. ”Enthralling, haunting, and harrowing.” Emily Carpenter, bestselling author of The Weight of Lies

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Category: Mystery – Historical