Rebekka Franck: Book 1-2

by Willow Rose

An electrifying series from a Multi-Million-copy bestselling author.

– One, Two…He is coming for you:

Journalist Rebekka Franck returns to her hometown with her six-year-old daughter. She is trying to escape her ex-husband and start a new life for her and her daughter when the small sleepy town experiences a murder.

One of the country’s wealthiest men is brutally killed in his summer residence.

While Rebekka Franck and her punk photographer Sune try to cover the story for the local newspaper, another murder happens on a high society rich man. Now Rebekka Franck realizes that the drowsy little kingdom of Denmark has gotten its first serial killer and soon a series of dark secrets – long buried but not forgotten – will see the light of day.

– Three, Four…Better lock your door:
It was supposed to be a night of fun, pleasure, lust, and pain for Susanne Larsen when she agreed to meet with a stranger from a chatroom. She met him for dinner that later led to casual, anonymous sex in the hotel room at the local inn.

But someone else showed up in the room, and suddenly it was no longer a game.

Zeeland Times star reporter Rebekka Franck and her photographer Sune are covering the case for the newspaper, and soon they find themselves deeply involved in a story of deceit and ugly secrets.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime


Cold Silence

by Toni Anderson

A determined FBI agent hunts a sadistic serial killer in this “steamy” (Kirkus Review) Romantic Thriller with a “masterful plot” (The BookLife Prize) by New York Times bestselling author Toni Anderson.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


The Woman From Death Row

by Peter Hogenkamp

Jade Collins grew up on the seedy side of Los Angeles, but her tenacious nature pushes her to strive for a better life. After attending college and earning her medical degree, she feels good about where her life is going. But, bad things happen to good people, and Jade finds herself on death row after killing a man who had been abusing one of her patients.

Just three years after his marriage, Dr. Mark Brand’s wife passes away and his life is sent into a downward spiral. Depression steals everything from him—his medical license, his livelihood and his will to go on. Only a reunion with a powerful man he once knew gives Mark the strength to pick himself up again. He has a new job and a new life, but he is paying a steep price for his second chance. Nothing in life is free and this powerful man has plans for Mark.

Mark is sent to San Quentin to meet Jade and offers to get her off death row if she agrees to team up with him in a dangerous assignment. With no other choice, Jade agrees but aims to get out of the game at the first opportunity. Mark wants out too, but he’s sold his soul to the man who rescued him, and his only option is to follow orders and get the job done.

As danger mounts, Mark is pitted against the man who saved him and he’s forced to rely on Jade, a woman he hardly knows and doesn’t fully trust. The situation is made worse by the feelings he’s developing for her.

Will the opportunist destroy Mark’s life once more?

Will this game put Jade back on death row?

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Category: Thrillers – Political


That Witch We Call A Rose

by R.K. Dreaming

SOLVING CRIME ONE BEWITCHING ROSE AT A TIME! As Christmas draws near, witch Esme’s dreams of a cure for her vampirism seem within reach. All she needs is a secret ingredient – but her search takes a dangerous turn when her beloved Aunt Adele goes missing and two old murders come to light. With time running out and festive hopes fading, can Esme and her friends unmask a killer, find her aunt, and secure the cure for a truly magical Christmas?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy