Sei Thrillers 1-3

by Ty Hutchinson

They used her daughter as bait. They messed with the wrong mother. Sei abandoned her life as an assassin but when she discovers information about the daughter she thought she’d lost, she takes on one last mission.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Lisa Emmer Historical Thrillers Vol. 1-2

by Rob Swigart

Papyrologist Lisa Emmer’s world flips when she receives news of the savage murder of the historian Dr. Raimond Foix, her mentor in the study of ancient documents. Lisa finds clues at the crime scene left behind for her by her mentor—clues to secrets kept hidden for centuries, one of which is Lisa’s own identity, secret even from her.

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Category: Thrillers – Historical

The Awakening (Dark Passenger Book 1)

by L.C Ainsworth

15 year old Diana and five of her friends are starting a new school, and they have one mission: find out why strange things have been happening at J.C. Maxwell Boarding School. What Diana did not expect to find was a series of unexplained murders and the staff acting strangely.

Soon, Diana and her friends find themselves at the center of a dangerous conflict, where everyone is more than what they seem, and no one at J.C. Maxwell is there for the reason they claim to be.

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Category: Mystery – Series


by Pete Brassett

When a foreign worker casually admits to the murder of a local businessman, detectives in a small Scottish town guess that the victim’s violent death has a more complex cause. Money appears to be a motive, but the truth is far more sinister than that. Why does the murderer believe he will get off Scot-free? And can DI Munro get the better of him?

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives

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