Cardinal Virtues

by R.G. Roberts

The future is here—and war will follow.
2037: Every nation wants underwater territory. The race for resources on the ocean floor is on.
Commander Alex Coleman thought his career was over when he got sent to Armistice Station, an underwater megastation where you can buy everything except success in the U.S. Navy. Here, he waits for retirement, doling out sodas and supplies while keeping an eye out for unruly sailors—hardly what the Navy sends you to do when you’re on the fast track.
But things aren’t quiet in this underwater amusement park. French marines arrive with Indian Navy support. Both nations want the United States out of the Indian Ocean, and Alex’s eclectic band of castoff sailors are all that’s in their way.
Alex sure as hell doesn’t want to be a hero. Heroes don’t explode coffee creamer fireballs or hijack cruise ships, but the shooting’s started, and he’s got a job to do.

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Category: Thrillers – Military


by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

A musical career in the making.
A murdered childhood friend.
One chance for Ava to catch the killer.

“Just when I think I couldn’t love another Pamela Fagan Hutchins novel more, along comes Ava.”

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

The Accidental Oligarch

by David Hoffman

Ukraine is the “new Berlin,” the front line of Russian American confrontation. It’s a place of intrigue, corruption, political blackmail and, yes, romance. The Accidental Oligarch reveals how Ukraine’s fate is intimately entangled with our own.

After Yuri Yavlinsky is laid off from his job shoveling shit at the Kyiv Zoo, he is promptly arrested for failing to pay a $30 million tax bill. Yuri’s ID had been used to create several offshore shell companies to hide the assets of the oligarch who is the principal backer of Ukraine’s president. Dora Osatinskaya, the Ukrainian lawyer who heads an anti-corruption organization, persuades Yuri to retrieve the mogul’s bank records used for money laundering. But Yuri doesn’t stop there. Infuriated by the corruption that is sucking the life out of his country, he uses his wits and street smarts to hijack the companies and their billion dollars in assets. It takes an oligarch to fight an oligarch.

The novel climaxes during the 2014 Euromaidan “Revolution of Dignity,” where Yuri and his band of savvy saboteurs fight oligarchs, the government, a cabal of mobsters and moguls, and stealth Russian forces, as they strive to save themselves and the battered country they believe in.

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Category: Thrillers – Political

Black Jade – A Daiyu Wu Mystery

by Gloria Oliver

Could a gorgeous old ballgown be used to commit murder?

In 1930 Dallas, TX, being a woman, Chinese, and blind during what the press has dubbed the ‘Yellow Terror,’ it is best to go unnoticed. But circumstances force Daiyu into action, no matter the consequences.

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Category: Mystery – Historical

No Halo Required

by Travis Casey

Noir fiction (or roman noir) is a subgenre of crime fiction. In this subgenre, right and wrong are not clearly defined, while the protagonists are seriously and often tragically flawed.

Meet Isaiah Hightower. You’ll scream at him, but can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.

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Category: Crime Fiction

Deepfake: A Zack Wilder Thriller

by N.J. Croft

When FBI Special Agent Zack Wilder is shown a video of his brother, a US Senator, having sex with a congressman, he’s shocked. But the most shocking thing of all: it never happened. The video is a deepfake, but unlike any that have come before; it’s flawless, impossible to distinguish from the real thing.

The line between truth and lies isn’t blurring—it’s being erased.

Now he must delve into the deadly world of deepfakes and disinformation to discover who is behind the video of his brother, and why. Before the world is plunged into nuclear war.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


by Vanessa Kier

Niko Andros became a criminal to protect his family.

He served his years in prison and now he’s earning redemption one mission at a time with a secret military strike force.

When an old enemy resurfaces, his aunt is caught in the crossfire and he’ll do anything to save her.

Even betray the brash, young female agent he’s teamed up with.

Will saving his aunt cost him the woman he’s come to love?

If you like gritty, edge-of-your-seat action, international intrigue, and characters forced to confront the darkness within themselves, then you’ll love the first book in Vanessa Kier’s action-packed SSU romantic thriller series.

Get Vengeance today to begin the adventure!

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

Behind Yesterday

by Richard D Taylor

Thomas Watson, a 1998 history professor, mysteriously appears during the Battle of Britain. Churchill, losing the struggle, is pressured to surrender. Knowing the war’s outcome, can Thomas convince him to persevere and win the war without revealing his unique situation?
Upon his curious arrival in London, Thomas finds he is married to Margaret, a woman he doesn’t know but learns to love. Although unaware of his previous life, he’s aware of the historical events unfolding. In their quest to influence Churchill to persevere and save the free world, Thomas and Margaret race down a path of danger, espionage, love, and intrigue.
A cast of fascinating characters finds their lives intertwined, eventually converging at the unexpected and exciting conclusion to one of the most important events of the twentieth century.
You’ll love this story because you think you know the ending.
But you don’t.

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Category: Thrillers – Historical