End Game

by Logan Ryles

When Army veteran Mason Sharpe witnesses a car accident, the victim vanishes from the scene. His description of her matches one Delia Crawford. But she disappeared as a child, 11 years prior.
As he digs deep to uncover the grim truth he comes to the attention of some very violent men.
They want him gone, but he’s not going anywhere.

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Category: Suspense

Coastal Conspiracy

by Don Rich

Murph and his girlfriend, Lindsay, want to buy and fix up a long-neglected marina. But when a bomb goes off on the property, their plans are threatened. A mysterious enemy is intent on killing their real estate deal and them along with it. Dodging bullets and shrapnel, Murph and Lindsay work together to uncover the bomber’s hidden identity and the reason he so desperately wants the property. With time ticking down to save their lives as well as their new home, they must rely on help from a wild band of marina charter fishing crews to survive.

Coastal Conspiracy is the first book in the Amazon bestselling Coastal Adventure Series by Don Rich.

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Category: Mystery – Series

Fortune’s Fool

by Greg Kithe

When the job went sideways, Chance McCabe knew he’d be getting the blame. He knew the organization would be in no mood to listen to reason. He’d have to bug out. And he’d need a place to lay low for a while. Until cooler heads could prevail. But where he would end up is much worse than what he was running from.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Justifiable Deceit

by Mikael T Carlson

The worst school shooting in American history has created a maelstrom of political agendas, personal vendettas, and brash cover-ups. The race is on to unlock the secrets behind this terrible tragedy before the truth is hidden forever. Do the ends justify the means, or is there no such thing as Justifiable Deceit?

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Category: Thrillers – Political