Impulse Spy

by Carrie Ann Knox

With grad school graduation imminent, studious Quinn Bailey’s carefully planned future is irrevocably upended when she meets beautiful, mysterious stranger Sloan McKenzie. The sassy private investigator wants her help.
Helpless to resist the intrigue, Quinn eventually finds her new bestie may be more than she bargained for when their investigation veers from simple snooping to a murder investigation–and they realize may have just played a role in the scheme.
Long-awaited Book 3 NOW AVAILABLE!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Camp Effigy: A Ghost Story

by I A M Watson

Camp Effigy is an unusual summer camp destination to say the least. As they pass through the foreboding gates of Hopewell Manor, Dahlia, Serena, and Aria anticipate a bootcamp for troubled girls (and boy, are they troubled). It doesn’t help that the surrounding camp is built on ancient burial grounds deep some very haunted woods. Strange things happen quickly, leaving our heroines to band together as unlikely friends and fight for their lives at the place where the land of the living and the dead meet and merge. Everything goes off the rails when the campers discover that their own family secrets may tie them to the hauntings that threaten their lives, and that only they hold the key to solving a cold case from 1851. The CEO of The Golden Wizard Book Prize says “…It has all the ingredients to make tweens and teens fall head over heels in love with it.”

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Category: Suspense

The Winterstone Murder (The Woodhead & Becker Mysteries Book 1)

by Paul Austin Ardoin

A graduate student has been poisoned with a hallucinogen in a historic chapel. As the list of suspects grows, can a forensic toxicologist and a disgraced federal investigator find the killer? From USA Today bestselling author Paul Austin Ardoin.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Sudden Impact

by Paul Heatley

Tom Rollins finds himself pitted against Du Lac Chemicals, a billion-dollar corporation with some very nasty skeletons in the closet.
When he finds out his old enemies, the fearsome biker gang Forever Road Dogs, are also working for Du Lac, he discovers they have something big planned.
Tom knows there’s only one way to stop them – all-out war.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Till Those Cows Come Home (Farmerville Book 1)

by Marty Martin

‘Not Even Doctor Phil Can Fix This’ A traffic stop, a family of four, escaped convicts, migrant workers, and a Deputy’s 17-year-old daughter and an axe or two are drawn together in an unexpected twist. If you enjoy the works of Harlan Coben, M. Night Shyamalan, or psychological thrillers with a twist or two, you’ll love the Farmerville series.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

Purrfect Cruise

by Nic Saint

The last thing I’d expected when Odelia announced she was taking me and Dooley along on her honeymoon, was that I’d need to develop sea paws for the occasion. Yes, the honeymooners had decided to take a Caribbean cruise. Lucky for us we had a nice cabin practically all to ourselves, since Odelia and Chase went island hopping. But that was before our next-door-neighbor, rapper Lil Thug, famous for the diamond he’d had implanted in his forehead, was murdered, and someone absconded with the twenty-million-dollar pink gem.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy